Why Promotional iPhone Cases are a Must for Small Businesses

Plastic mobile phone covers on wooden background

More and more often, small businesses are seen offering promotional iPhone cases to their customers. If you are a business owner yourself, this may leave you wondering why on earth a company would do such a thing.

In this article we will discuss just a few of the many reasons why a small business—not unlike your own—might choose to offer promotional iPhone cases. After reading the article, not only will you better understand the thinking behind these companies, but you may also find yourself considering ordering a batch of custom phone cases for your company.


This is always the number one reason for a company to offer any type of promotional material. From hats to keychains and from pens to phone cases, promotional materials offer companies exposure in a variety of settings, and with the added benefit of peer-to-peer recommendation, promo items may even be one of the very best forms of advertisement out there.

Of the variety of promo items on the market, phone cases are one of the most valuable. This is because of the heavy usage most smartphones see in any one day. Most people take their phones with them everywhere. Additionally, most people use their phones every day, everywhere, and with a variety of people. This means that your promotional phone case is seen by hundreds of eyes every day simply because it is attached to a phone.

Customer Loyalty

Any useful promotional product that is handed to a customer free of charge increases customer loyalty. This is for two reasons. One is that, when handed an item of value, the customer likely feels compelled to return the favor by offering the company repeat business. The second is the fact that the useful item gets used on a regular basis and is a constant reminder of the company’s existence.

Just as they are valuable for advertising, promotional phone cases are also perfect for increasing customer loyalty. Most customers appreciate being handed a quality phone case, and when they put it to use, they look at the case multiple times a day, a constant reminder to revisit your business often.


You might think handing out phone cases to your customer sounds like crazy talk. After all, aren’t those things a bit pricey to be handing out to every person who walks through the door? The surprising answer is, no! Customer phone cases are surprisingly affordable when ordered in bulk, and well worth the investment for the amount of advertisement you receive.

Extra Revenue Stream

So, maybe you aren’t into the idea of handing out custom phone cases for free. That’s okay! You can still get many of the benefits these cases offer without handing out free items by simply selling the phone cases. These make perfect fundraiser items, but can also be sold in a storefront to customers who already know and love your business.

Want to sell your cases quickly so you can start seeing results right away? You might consider a) offering a coupon to those who purchasea case, b) selling the cases at a low price and advertising them as limited edition, or c) selling them as part of a gift basket full of your company’s goods. However you sell them, custom cases are a great way to make some additional income.


These are just a few of the many reasons small businesses are having promotional iPhone cases made. Some offer them for free, some use them as prizes in giveaways, and still others sell them. No matter how you get your custom cases into the hands of your customers, you are sure to be glad you did.