Overview of Phone Case Manufacturers

Apple iPhone 5 in Lifeproof Phone Case shown on water


There are a number of phone case manufacturers out there, and each one has their upsides and downsides. Here’s a list of just some phone case manufacturers, in no particular order, so you can get a sense of them.


Otterbox focuses on phone protection. Their top cases are called the Commuter and the Defender. The idea is to defend especially against drops and impacts. The downside of this phone manufacturer is that their cases, especially the Defender, tend to be a bit bulky. The Commuter is more slender, however. The cases can generally hook onto your belt and there are other options in there like screen and dust protectors.


This manufacturer is another company focusing on protection for both Android and Apple products. They have a bit more of a focus on aesthetics than other companies. Their web page even mentions the idea that other companies sacrifice style for function, and that Ballistic has a mission of providing customers with both. They have features like the 180-degree rotating holster clip and a focus on cutting down on shock, impact, scratches and water damage.


If your main concern in a case is not ruining the look of the phone, Ringke cases are going to be a good bet for this. They have the clear cases in the Fusion line. The cases are totally transparent so that you can still see your phone perfectly clearly. After all, there’s a reason why you bought the phone in the first place, and one of these reasons is often going to be its look. These cases are just basic plastic so they won’t provide the best protection, but they will help a bit. The cost for them is also in the low range costing just $10 for the cheapest ones.


There are going to be some people out there that prefer something a bit different for their cases. If this is you, then Case-Mate may be the manufacturer you want. This is because there are a lot of options for customization for their cases, including putting your own custom image on the case you buy. But, one of the things they’re famous for the most is their Mahogany Wood cases. These have carved mahogany on the back instead of the usual plastic. This obviously gives the case a unique, solid feel to it. As a result, the price is definitely on the high side compared to a lot of the other cases since it’s about $50 for this type of case. There are other unique cases from the manufacturer as well, of course.

Some people are also happy with Case-mate due to their additional low-cost options, easy access to buying them, and apparently strong customer service options.


The thing about Incipio is that they offer a variety of case options for just about any need. These go from slim cases to the thicker ones that provide a lot of protection. For example, they’ve offered the dual layer option for a while, where there’s a layer that’s soft on the inside and then another one that’s harder for taking the brunt of impacts on the outside. The outer shell is made of a military-grade material for absorbing impacts. This type of variety also extends to the products covered, which include many more than just the standard Google and Apple cases. The price range is definitely a bit higher than with other manufacturers, however.


All the way on the high-end is where you’ll find Element Solace Cases. They are generally for iPhone, although some others like Samsung are sometimes covered as well. Some of their models go as high as $200 in price, with others a bit more affordable at $80. This company also lets you go for some customization in their Machine series since these all have a chassis that was CNC machined 100 percent, and each were hand finished after that, which means that they every case is unique completely. They have individual identification numbers to prove it as well.


The well-known company Poetic also have cases that run the gamut from the rugged to hybrid, transparent, and highly slim cases. They also offer a wide range of types of phones that they fit, including plenty of modern ones like the Google Pixel XL, the G4 Play, the MotoG4, the most recent iPhone and iPad varieties and more besides. There are even tablet cases. The manufacturer has the full BBB accreditation for those worried about that, and they even have the highest A+ score, which indicates that they generally satisfy any complaints levied against them.


Cygnett has a phone case, like the Workmate, which is a bit more heavy-duty than some, but not out of control in terms of price. Some of their more modern cases are from the Aeroshield line for iPhone 7 which have the advantage of long warranties at 2-years, and free return options. These cases are the totally transparent type for those who want invisibility more than anything, along with one of the longer warranty options. Basically, if you’re worried about having to constantly replace a case because the ones you buy crack over and over againCygnett cases like this one could be a solid option for you.


Obviously, Anker is known more for battery options than cases, but they are a manufacturer that makes cases as well, specifically, battery cases. If you want a hybrid sort of case that does both the work of a case and the work of a battery recharger for your phone, then Anker’s a good manufacturer to choose. The downside would be that Anker doesn’t really make any other types of cases, so it’s for the battery case enthusiast only. You can find cases for all manner of iPhones, with power such as their 2850mAh case. Plenty of the cases are thin too if bulkiness is a concern, which it often can be when it comes to these type of cases that can both keep your phone safe and charge it up when it’s running low.

9-Hard Candy

The main draw for the manufacturer Hard Candy is their Shock series which is a special three-layer style. It has the screen protector as well, of course. Hard Candy is unique in that it has special bubble cases that have the series of “bubbles” around the center of the case that give it a unique texture.


The main phone case draws for Spigen include the Rugged Armor line and the Neo Hybrid line. The manufacturer is especially well-known for their aesthetic, which includes carbon fiber materials that feel good as well as being made of military-grade parts that have been certified. You also get extras like bumper frames and special air cushion tech for added security to your phone. Other features of these cases include kickstands if you want to prop the phone up, and long warranties. All this tends to come with an increase price point though, of course.


Marware has a number of specialty phone cases such as the Wallet case. This is also a type of hybrid approach here your case protects your phone but also allows you to put a few credit cards in there in order to take the place of a traditional money clip.