How To Market Your Business To Other Businesses

Young man discussing market research with colleagues in a meeting. Team of young professionals having a meeting in conference room looking at documents.


Marketing your business to other businesses requires style and tact. B2B needs a very different strategy in comparison to B2C because you are not marketing to consumers. Instead, you are marketing to businesses who will eventually market their products or services to customers. It’s important that you understand the difference as it will ultimately make you more successful.

What you have to offer to businesses may include professional services, wholesale products, custom products, or something else. Either way, you want to make sure that businesses see the benefit of working with you, even if they can do it on their own. If you can convince them that it’s better to outsource to you, it could be a great way to generate a significant amount of new business.

Explain the benefits

The first thing you need to do is explain the benefits of working with your business. Why should other businesses work with you? Are you going to save them time? Money? Provide them with convenience? There may be all sorts of benefits, so take the time to analyze what you have to offer before you establish a marketing campaign.

These are all important benefits, and it may help you to generate more interest if you take the time to explain why it is that people should be working with your business, and what you can ultimately provide. Don’t be afraid to bullet point the benefits of working with you or buying your product directly on your website. The goal is to make it simple.

Provide examples or samples

Particularly when you are offering something innovative, businesses may not have a firm grasp on what it is that you are offering. Be prepared to provide a sample or an example. This can include explainer videos, live demonstrations, as well as free initial consultations.

This will show that you have a useful product or service, and be able to apply at specifically to the business who has shown interest. Remember that not everyone has the time to be shown a product or service physically. When you can provide an example or sample that they can get or view on their own time and on their schedule, it will be that much easier for you to get the buy-in from potential businesses.

Go Where the Businesses Are

The marketing approach you would take with businesses is extremely different from what you would take with consumers. You want to bewhere businesses are going to be. Some perfect examples include:

– Trade shows

– Industry conferences

– Seminars

– Workshops

– Trade publications

Try and think outside the box when it comes to marketing to businesses. Do something different that hasn’t been done before so that businesses are more likely to be attracted to what you have to offer. If you market differently, they will assume that your products are different as well – and this can be your ticket to peeking their interest.

Be willing to customize

Many businesses work with other businesses because they can provide a customizable feature. Whether this is something that is specifically imprinted for them, or service that allows them to do their job better, there is some kind of custom approach taken. You will want to be as flexible as possible with the businesses that you market to – and let them know that you are willing to customize and be flexible.

Marketing to businesses can be a great sales funnel for you, as long as you cater to what businesses need and follow up on leads that you get. Simply remember that it is a different approach than marketing to consumers, and you will be on your way to better marketing campaigns.