The Top 10 Features to Seek When Choosing iPad Cases for Schools

Two worried frustrated student studying and learning with a friend teaching him and using an ipad tablet

iPads are shown to improve academic performance and student engagement across the globe. It is therefore not a surprise that iPads and other tablets are used 2,300 school districts in the United States and are present in 70% of schools in the UK. With over 10 million iPads in schools worldwide, school administrators must heighten their focus on selecting iPad cases that will best protect their investments. Ideally, iPad cases should be rugged, affordable, and customizable to enable students to showcase their school spirit. Below are the top 10 features to seek when choosing iPad cases for schools.

1) Durability. With iPads being used more frequently in primary school settings, educators and administrators must seek cases that are rugged and durable. Cases must be able to withstand being dropped, tossed, and scratched by active children. Durability is especially important with younger children whose iPads are more likely to suffer extensive wear and tear.

2) Protectability. iPad cases serve a vital function by protecting the device’s screen and body from damage that can occur in the classroom, on the school bus, or at home. Additionally, a high-quality case can help protect students’ iPads from the following:

  • Playground dust and debris
  • Water, milk, and other liquids
  • Fingerprints and scratches
  • Screen shatterings that can result from dropped iPads

3) Customizability. iPad cases provide an excellent means by which students can show off their school spirit through customized artwork. One of the most popular ways to customize iPad cases is by featuring a school’s printed mascot or logo on the front, side, or back of the iPad case. The school’s name and mascot are not only visible to the students using the iPad, but also to everyone who comes into contact with students who are carrying iPads. By carrying customized iPad cases, students become ambassadors and mini recruiters for schools.

Ipad tablet in a pink case

4) Functionality. iPads serve a variety of purposes within the school environment. Teachers and students use them to share videos, demonstrations, and reading lessons. iPads can be used by students of all ages and learning abilities. They are especially useful in teaching students with learning disabilities who lack motor skills. Given the wide scope of use for iPads, school officials should consider manufacturers who offer the following:

  • Cases that convert to iPad stands to allow children to watch content
  • Cases made with EVA foam to provide additional protection needed in a school setting
  • Cases with handles for use in transporting iPads to and from school
  • Cases with a shockproof construction to guard against bumps

5) Aesthetics. While protection and functionality are key considerations, an iPad case’s aesthetic design is also important. Manufacturers should be willing to provide photos, proofs, and graphic designs that customers can review and approve prior to purchase. Images should be clear and reflective of the school’s color scheme. School logos and designs should also be properly positioned according to the customer’s request and

6) Features. The type of iPad case you select will depend upon three key variables: The model iPad being used, the age range of students who will be using the cases, and any special options required for classroom use. Your iPad case provider should have an extensive inventory of cases of varying sizes and materials that should include the following:

  • Hard cases
  • Neoprene cases
  • Folio style cases
  • iPad cases with straps
  • Leather cases
  • Skins and gel cases
  • Cases to fit a wide array of different size iPads (iPad minis, iPad Air, iPad Pro, etc.)
  • Cases to house accessories such as optional keyboards

7) Affordability. iPad cases that are durable, aesthetically pleasing, and full of great features are worthless to students if the price tag is so high that school administrators cannot afford to purchase them. The manufacturer you choose should be willing to offer discounted pricing based on your school’s order volume and order frequency. Wholesalers who sell iPad cases to schools should also receive special distributor pricing. Finally, manufacturers should be sensitive to school purchasing procedures and should be willing to accept official purchase orders from educational institutions.

8) Prompt turnaround time. Speed is a key variable for schools in need of iPad cases. Whether a school needs a large collection of cases a week before the start of the school year or a smaller order to arrive before the spring semester, a manufacturer should respond promptly and with efficiency. Below are some key time-related variables for school officials to consider when evaluating manufacturers:

  • iPad case manufacturers should have the resources to handle bulk orders quickly
  • Requesting and receiving a written quote should be a fast and easy process
  • Quotes should include expected production time and estimated delivery time
  • Manufacturers should promptly notify customers of any expected delays
  • Cases should be securely packaged and shipped with a trusted carrier

9) Free mock design. Ordering iPad cases for an entire student body is a substantial investment. It is important to ensure that your order is accurate and your customized design meets or exceeds your expectations. The best way to guarantee your satisfaction is to request a mock design from the manufacturer. The top iPad case manufacturers will provide free artwork mocks and samples for you to ensure that you are pleased with your customized cases.

10) Worldwide delivery. With iPads used in schools across the globe, the case manufacturer that you choose should have experience shipping products internationally. This includes expertise in safe packaging, preparation of commercial shipping documents, and accessibility to a variety of global shipping carriers.

Choosing the best iPad Case Manufacturer

iPad case manufacturers vary widely in their approach to quality and service. Separating trusted manufacturers from fly-by-night companies can sometimes be difficult because inexperienced companies can hide behind an eye-catching website. The surest way to select a trustworthy iPad provider is to ask some key questions of each provider:

  • What are your payment terms? Do you accept purchase orders from schools?
  • Would you be able to send me a list of references of schools in my state or region?
  • Do you have the resources to complete a large order? (Specify the number of cases you require)
  • What type of technology do you use to produce customized iPad cases?
  • Are your cases suitable for indoor and outdoor use?
  • Do you offer a warranty on your cases?
  • How will my cases be packaged?
  • Do you have a minimum order?
  • Can you have my order completed before the start of the semester?
  • How quickly can you provide a mock design for our school?

By asking the questions above, you can gauge a provider’s competency level and narrow your options to a short list of iPad case manufacturers who are best equipped to handle your school’s specific needs.

Final Considerations

Selecting the best iPad cases for schools is a task that should be approached with careful consideration. While cost is a key variable, purchasers must go beyond price and choose cases that meet the specific needs of students and educators. Ideally, iPad cases for schools should be durable, aesthetically pleasing, and highly functional. Before you finalize your purchasing decision, be sure to carefully evaluate potential providers to make sure that they can meet your needs for quality, volume, and timeliness. By following these important steps, you will help ensure that students, parents, and staff are satisfied with the iPad cases you choose.