7 Digital Marketing Tactics You Can Implement With Your Smartphone


It can be fascinating and at times, slightly daunting to witness the pace at which technology has evolved. For anyone who runs a business, they have to do more than just see the technological changes, but actually jump on board with those changes if they want to continuously stay in touch with their customers and attract new customers. And while technological advancements can seem confusing and even a bit frightening for business owners with little knowledge or experience in technology and digital marketing, there are some simple ways to reach your target audience with basic digital marketing tactics. In this post, we will discuss seven simple, yet effective digital marketing tactics that you can start using with your smartphone.

  1. Move Live Streaming Video: For a while now, many businesses have started implementing video content into their digital marketing strategy. In 2016, video content got a new twist: live streaming video. While there is still plenty of conventional video content floating around all over social media (and it won’t be going away any time soon), many businesses are treating live streaming video like their shiny new toy. It allows you to record something live and permits your social media followers to view it in real time. This creates a sense of urgency for your social media followers and will encourage them to “tune in” and watch, thus upping your views considerably. Many businesses have started live streaming their events, product launches, and any other type of promotional activity or something their target audience would find interesting and valuable. One of the great benefits of live streaming video is that you don’t need to have a high quality, expensive camera to do it; you can just whip out your smartphone and record.
  2. The Emergence of Email: Okay, it can’t technically be considered the “rise” or “emergence” of email when email has been around for years now and has always played a role in digital marketing. However, while many were claiming that email’s heyday had long been over, others suggested that email marketing was poised to make a comeback; and it turns out the latter group of people was correct. Email marketing is still effective, but in order for it to remain effective it is in dire need of a makeover. If businesses want to continue using email marketing (as they should) and making a lasting effect on their recipients, they have to take several things into account, the most important of which is personalization. Creating customer-centric messages is your first priority when crafting your emails. Secondly, innovation is another big priority. Like blog content, your emails must contain real value to your recipient. Some businesses are actually beginning to use video emails, emails that only include video content rather than written content. This can be highly effective as video is better at capturing and retaining the attention of a person than text is.
  3. Mobile is Number One: You could say that 2016 was the year of mobile. In fact, mobile devices became so powerful, that Google essentially ruled out any website that was not compatible with mobile devices. That should be a serious wake-up call for any business owners who have not optimized their websites and social media profiles for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Hand-held devices are slowly but surely replacing desktops and more people are using their mobile devices to browse, check their favorite social media platforms, find information, send emails, and conduct essentially any other kind of online activity.
  4. Uniqueness Will Become a Top Priority Attribute: You have probably heard the phrase “content is king” thrown around. It was true when it originated and it is true now…with a slight twist. Generic content is not going to cut it anymore. Having a blog on your website that pumps out a few posts a week won’t be enough. That content must be highly valuable and unique. It must resonate with your target audience. This means that you will see a high demand for niche writers who are basically experts in their subject matter. The same can be said for video producers. Written content isn’t the only thing that will need to be unique; that will be required for video content as well. More businesses should focus their attention on finding highly skilled writers and video producers to create content that will stand out the most. Otherwise, they will just end up pumping out the same generic content that their competitors are pumping out.
  5. Influencer Marketing Isn’t Going Anywhere Any Time Soon: Influencer marketing isn’t a new thing. But like, email marketing it’s getting a makeover and will become more heavily relied on than it was in the past. Of all the marketing strategies businesses put money into, from ads to social algorithms, influencer marketing is going to be the most central. It allows for a company to create a more personalized and trustworthy brand identity. Not only will influencer marketing by well-known names on YouTube and SnapChat play a big role, we will see businesses combine their content creating projects with the influencers themselves in order to create unique, fresh content.
  6. Customer Experience Takes Precedence Over Customer Service: Customer service is all about delivering an end result to the customer that will satisfy them. But smart business owners now recognize that delivering a satisfying customer experience is just as important. Providing your customers with a highly positive experience will be the thing that separates you from your competitors and other brands. Part of customer experience is being present on several social media sites in order to allow your target audience to contact you on the site they are most active on. This will require business owners to focus less on marketing campaign strategies and more on strategies that prioritize each individual customer, rather than seeing them as a collective.
  7. Predictive Behavior Becomes a Part of The Digital Marketing Strategy: You could be fully briefed on all of the current digital marketing trends, implement them successfully, and still be doing yourself a disservice. But how is that the case? Because of the way the internet evolves so rapidly, as does technology and digital marketing, you must constantly be ahead of the game. You can no longer just prepare for this “season”, because as soon as you implement all of the right digital marketing strategies, new ways of marketing will already have emerged. This will require marketing experts to be able to predict the upcoming trends and prepare for them to the best of their ability. Not only must marketers now be able to predict the upcoming trends, they must start to consider ways that they will implement and execute those trends. One of the best ways to prepare for changing trends is to constantly collect and analyze data. Focus heavily on engagement. Ask yourself the who, what, and when of engagement and it will become easier to predict the next digital marketing trends.

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