6 Reasons Why Custom Phone Cases are Great Promotional Products

Woman tourist on vacation taking a selfie by Big Ben with a promotional Union Jack cell phone case

From t-shirts and baseball caps to mugs and keychains, it seems every business has some sort of promotional product these days. Considering how easy it is to have these products made and how little they actually cost, it just makes sense to have some company swag made up.

However, while some of these products are great at helping a business grow, others are not so much. Those less helpful items tend to bethe ones that are less likely to be used often, and therefore not very likely to promote a business. For this reason, it is crucial that businesses choose their swag items wisely, making sure they are making an investment in a product that will actually be used.

Not sure which kind of promotional product would suit your business? One of the most effective promotional product options on the market today is the customized phone case, making it a great option for nearly any company or group. Although it may seem a bit unusual to have custom phone cases made for your business or group, the fact that this is such a unique thing to do is actually one of the beneficial aspects of doing so.

Want to learn more about why phone cases are great promotional products? Read on to learn six advantages offered by promotional phone cases we bet you haven’t thought of.

#1: They’re Incredibly Useful

The most important thing to consider when choosing a promotional product is whether or not the recipients will actually use the item they are given. After all, if the product isn’t used regularly, it’s probably going to be donated, thrown in the trash, or put up on a shelf never to be seen again.

Obviously, nobody is going to see those promo products that meet such fates, rendering them absolutely useless to the businesses they are advertising.

Fortunately, there are plenty of useful swag product options out there. One of the most useful options is the smartphone case, making this an incredibly smart selection for companies and groups of all kinds. With a fun, appealing design, a quality phone case will almost certainly be put to good use by the majority of people who acquire one, meaning they will be constantly reminded of your business. Additionally, this means those individuals will be helping spread the word about your organization.

#2: They Get Used Daily

As mentioned above, phone cases are incredibly useful. We all need to protect our smartphones, and a case is the way to do that. Moreover, we tend to use our phones daily for everything from phone calls and text messaging to checking email and social media. Therefore, those promotional cases that you sell or hand out are being pulled out of bags, pockets, and purses several times a day.

Unlike t-shirts and baseball caps which are only used once in a while, phone cases are an item that will be used day after day for a pretty good stretch of time. This gives your business extra advertisement that it wouldn’t get through the use of traditional promo items—an argument that’s hard to ignore.

#3: They Get Shown Off in Public

Not only are phones used daily, they are also used everywhere we go. Whether on the bus or in a crowded shopping mall, your clients, customers, and employees are going to pull their phone out when it rings.

If those people are using one of your company cases, this means your logo and company name will be shown to everyone who happens to be around at the moment. Obviously, this gives your business that valuable promotion you’ve been hoping for. This is something that items such as keychains and mugs rarely accomplish.

Clearly, phone cases are an ideal option, if only for the exposure your brand will receive.

#4: They’re Unlikely to Become Damaged

Many promotional products are poorly made and easily damaged. Shirts become ripped or worn, pens break, and those flying disc toys have an annoying tendency to crack. Phone cases, on the other hand, are made to last. Because they must be durable in order to accomplish their job of protecting a phone, you can rest assured it will be quite a while before your custom phone cases are rendered unusable.

This durability means that phone cases have a longer lifetime than other products, which in turn means more time for these items to spread the word about your business or group. After all, the longer your promo products last, the longer people will put them to use.

Since getting the most advertisement possible out of your promo products is of the utmost importance, phone cases are an excellent choice for their durability.

#5: They’re Attention Grabbing

Rarely will someone notice other people using especially neat pens, keychains, or pairs of earbuds. These items are small and just don’t stand out in bustling public places. A phone case is just large enough to be noticeable from a distance, and because it will be held at eye level anytime the phone is in use, this is one item that’s sure to catch the attention of passersby.

By adorning your custom phone cases with an eye-catching design, you will have a promo product people just can’t help but notice. Often, this will lead to conversations about your company or group, along with recommendations from your promo item-using supporters.

#6: They’re Highly Profitable

A great many companies choose to eat the initial cost of promotional products and hand the items out for free while keeping their fingers crossed that they made a good investment. While there is nothing wrong with this method, and while phone cases most certainly will pay for themselves quite quickly in a new business, this isn’t the only way to get your promo products out into the world.

If you are considering ordering new promotional products for your business, you might also want to consider selling those products to enthusiastic fans of your company. Many customers and even employees will gladly pay for some swag to show their support, and you can make back your investment (plus some!) before your products ever even hit the streets.

That said, it is often difficult to sell smaller, lower-quality promotional items. After all, nobody wants to invest in items they won’t necessarily love. This is where custom phone cases step in. Because phone cases are high-quality, useful items, a company case with a nice design will likely sell quite easily. As an added bonus, because the cost to have these cases made is relatively low, they can almost always be sold for a decent profit.

These are just some of the amazing benefits offered by custom phone cases when they are used as promotional products. With a bit of consideration, we are certain you can come up with a few more on your own. These numerous benefits make it pretty clear that phone cases are an amazing choice for businesses and organizations of all types.

If these advantages sound like something you’d like to put to good use, now is the ideal time to place an order. Have a look around our store! We have an enormous selection of phone cases for all phone types. Therefore, we are confident you will find something that’s perfect for your company.