The Top 15 Reasons Why Custom Phone Cases are Great Promotional Products

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Your company’s success hinges upon your strategic selection of sales and marketing tactics. With 80% of consumers owning at least one promotional product, businesses are increasingly turning to promotional products as an effective means of advertising their brand. However, not all promotional items are created equal. Some products, such as custom phone cases, offer greater value, visibility, and long-term utility than others. Below is a look at the many uses for custom phone cases and the top 15 reasons why custom phone cases are great promotional products.

Who Should Consider Custom Phone Cases as Promotional Items?

The benefits of custom phone cases can be enjoyed by organizations that cater to virtually any industry, generation, or geographical region. Large companies, non-profit centers, professional organizations, and alumni groups can all benefit from using custom phone cases to promote their brand or mission. Here are just a few of the many ways that these organizations can promote their brands with custom phone cases:

  • Companies can give away custom phone cases to promote their brand at industry trade shows
  • Event planners can use them to promote a special event theme
  • Manufacturers can use custom phone cases to promote an upcoming product launch
  • Professional meeting organizers can distribute them at annual meetings
  • Alumni associations can easily add custom phone cases alumni swag bags

Why Are Custom Phone Cases Such Great Promotional Products?

The advantages of custom phone casesadvantages o extend far beyond their industrial versatility. Custom phone cases are useful, highly visible, practical, and internationally appealing to consumers. Their durable, low-maintenance design also gives them a distinct edge over products that quickly show signs of wear and tear. Below are the top 15 reasons why custom phone cases make great promotional products.

1) High visibility.

Custom phone cases are like mini advertising billboards that constantly promote your brand or event. With consumers picking up their mobile phones an average of 85 times per day, the opportunities for brand promotion through custom phone cases are constant and boundless.

2) International appeal.

Custom phone cases are used by mobile phone owners across the globe. In some countries like the United States, usage approaches or exceeds 75%. With many companies continuing to expand into global markets, the international appeal of custom phone cases makes them an attractive option as a promotional item.

3) Excellent utility.

77% of consumers cite utility as the top reason they choose to keep a promotional product. Phone cases serve a distinct purpose and used on a continuing basis every day by owners. In addition to brand promotion, phone cases offer device protection and are proven to help extend the average life of a mobile phone.

4) Used everywhere.

The allure of custom phone cases extends beyond their utility to their scope of use. Phone cases serve their purpose virtually everywhere – even around water! The advent of texting and mobile searching has even increased their use in traditionally forbidden places such as doctor’s offices and movie theaters. There are very few places where consumers cannot actively use a custom phone case.

5) A small, lightweight design.

Custom phone cases weigh no more than a couple of ounces or roughly 100 grams. In contrast to heavier, bulkier items such as mugs and bottles, the featherweight construction of custom phone cases makes them an ideal choice for businesses seeking a small, lightweight promotional item.

6) Easy to ship.

The small size and low weight of phone cases make them attractive and cost-effective from a shipping standpoint. With many businesses shipping promotional items to other states and countries for trade shows and customer meetings, choosing custom phone cases to promote a brand can result in substantially lower shipping costs. It is also easy to grab a stack of custom phone cases and pack them in a carry-on bag for impromptu distribution during business trips.

7) Users have instant gratification.

When consumers receive a custom phone case, they can put it to use immediately, thereby satisfying the demands of the “Right here right now” generation. This immediate gratification offered by custom phone cases contrasts sharply with t-shirts or coffee mugs, which typically cannot be put to use right away.

8) Cost-effective.

While pricing for custom phone cases will vary according to style and quantity, companies can expect a starting price of just a couple of dollars per phone. Free graphic design is often included as a courtesy and customers receive more attractive pricing as they increase the size of their order.

9) Highly customizable.

Consumers vary widely in their preferences for cell phone cases. Some users prefer hard cases while others prefer gel cases, tough cases, or wallet-style cases. The ability to easily customize phone cases to satisfy consumer preferences makes them an outstanding promotional product.

10) A fast manufacturing time.

A fast turnaround time is essential, especially for busy organizations that participate in many events. Custom phone cases can be manufactured in bulk quickly to meet a company’s time-sensitive needs. Businesses that participate in trade shows and special events can order hundreds or thousands of custom phone cases and can expect to receive their completed order in time for their upcoming expo, special event, or annual meeting.

11) Outstanding durability.

The durability of custom phone cases contributes to their long-term utility and effectiveness as a promotional item. Even if a consumer decides to switch to a new phone case, there is a 63% chance that the consumer will pass the to another person, thereby extending the phone case’s promotional power.

12) Travel-friendly.

Custom phone cases are small enough to fit in your pocket or purse, making them easy to take with you everywhere. Their small size and benign construction make them an ideal promotional item to feature at international trade shows. Consumers can easily retrieve promotional items and carry them effortlessly through airport security without worrying about violating size restrictions or other guidelines.

13) A reusable design.

If promotional products are reusable, the average consumer will keep them for over six months. Unlike single-use promotional items such as mints, disposable cups, and food wrappers, custom phone cases offer value because they fall into the reusable category and have a longer average life.

14) Safe construction.

Custom phone cases offer safety to consumers who have small children and pets at home. They are not manufactured with toxic materials and there are are no small parts which can become detached and swallowed by toddlers or animals.

15) Easy to maintain.

Phone cases are easy to maintain and keep clean. They are fairly resistant to dirt and scratches. They can be cleaned with a moist rag and a few drops of isopropyl alcohol. Their low-maintenance design makes them a great choice for people in search of a user-friendly promotional product. Maintaining t-shirts and mugs, for instance, requires laundering or washing to reuse them. T-shirts are prone to shrinkage, staining, and wrinkling, limiting their appeal to businesses and consumers seeking to avoid high maintenance products.

Clearly, custom phone cases offer a host of benefits to businesses and organizations in search of a useful, affordable way to promote their brand or theme. Their extremely high visibility coupled with their practicality make custom phone cases an outstanding choice for trade show giveaways, product launches, and swag bag additions. Finally, their durable, low-maintenance design will ensure that they will stand the test of time as an effective promotional product.