203 Tools To Help Optimize Your Content Marketing in 2017


Demand for high-quality content is at an all-time high, as a result, 75% of content marketers have increased their investment over the past year.

But, with over 3500 brands in the marketing space choosing the right tools to invest in can seem like a daunting task – “which one to pick? 🙀

Luckily for you, it doesn’t have to be…

…because we’ve created this article to guide you through the best content marketing tools in 2017 so you can find what tools suit your every need.

Before We Get Started

It’s not so simple putting content marketing tools into specific categories. Many tools can provide a multitude of services, so we’ve placed them in categories based on what task the tool performs best at.

For example, Ahrefs can be used for keyword research, content curation, backlink analysis, rank tracking, and more. However, their backlink analysis is the best there is, so it goes under the backlink analysis section (even though their other services are fantastic).

I’d like to point out, none of the links you click today are affiliate links. We do not profit from you signing up, we’ve merely created this list as a useful guide for you to find the best tool that fits your need.

Finally, if you think we’ve missed any great tools or you think one tool is in the wrong category – let us know! We’d love to hear you suggestions on how we can make this even better for you.

Advocate Marketing Tools

You’re able to create campaigns tailored to specific groups: customers, affiliates, or influencers etc. You can offer referral incentives using personalized URLs so they’re easy to keep track of and identify your biggest ambassadors to target them further.

Pricing: Starts at $800/yr.

It creates and automates advocacy programs over several mediums including, email, direct mail, and social media.

Pricing: Contact Directly.

This web-based, mobile, and tablet customer loyalty program, which helps engage your customers by rewarding them for referrals, engagement, content consumption, as well as purchases.

Pricing: Contact directly.

This platform helps you find, rank, and engage your top advocates.

Pricing: You only pay when your content clicks. This can be as low as $0.01 CPC and $0.50 an email.

Can help build your brand awareness, employee engagement, and revenue by allowing employees to receive and post approved content to their social networks – turning them into experts, advocates, and contributors.

Pricing: Contact directly.

Helps your employees and customers become better advocates. Helping them to build their own social profiles whilst sharing your created and curated content.

Pricing: Starts at $1500/mo.

Allows you to create groups (“gaggles”) of people (employees or stakeholders) to share your content across their social media channels whenever you publish.

Pricing: Contact directly.

Lets you build communities around advocacy and target people who are most vocal about your brand. You can set them challenges, offering points to advocates – which can be cashed in for rewards.

Pricing: Determined based on the feature set you require.

Encourages your employees to become advocates. It enables them to easily share your content on multiple social media platforms and be rewarded accordingly.

Pricing: Based on your company’s requirements.

Increases your reach by creating a one-stop hub of information for your employees to share your content across social media. Sociabble allows you to track the sharing activity on the platform, as well as the level of engagement.

Pricing: Based on your company’s requirements.

Promoting a more informed, connected and supported workforce, SocialChorus is a handheld app which connects all employees (no matter where they are in the world), to daily work news and content.

Pricing: Contact directly.

Aims to increase social media presence, traffic, and conversion rates by enabling your employees to spread your brand message and interact with your audience on social media.

Pricing: Contact directly

Content Management System (CMS) Tools

Ideal if your website requires complex data, a community platform with multiple users, or an online shop. Drupal is capable of producing advanced websites

Updates: Every 30 days.

Pricing: Free.

Not as complex as Drupal, but you still have the ability to create a fairly complex site. It’s not very hard to set up and doesn’t take long to understand Joomla’s structure and terminology.

Updates: Every 36 days.

Pricing: Free

The world’s most popular CMS, no technical experience needed. WordPress is very simple to set up and publish content.

Updates: Every 40 days

Pricing: Free

Content Creation (Audio, Graphics, And Writing)

Audio Creation Tools

An open source, cross-platform audio software, you can record, edit and publish podcasts and interviews.

Pricing: Free

A one-stop-shop for podcasting, you’re able to record, edit and create RSS feeds. Simple to use, it’s an excellent option if you’re just starting out.

Pricing: $90

Provides everything you need to manage and distribute your podcast. Including hosting and tools for beginners to enterprise level organizations. They also offer advertising and crowdfunding tools if you want to monetize your podcast.

Pricing: Ranges from $3/mo to $99/mo.

Content Creation Sources

This online content marketing agency provide a full-service. Including content strategy, technical SEO, social media, PPC, and email marketing automation.

Pricing: Contact directly for a quote.

With over 100,000 freelancers, you can filter to find and collaborate with content creators who specialize in your niche.

Pricing: Contact directly for a quote.

A UK-based platform where you can connect with approved freelance writers and order content. Copify will help you source the ideal writer based on your brief.

Pricing: From $0.04 a word and $69 blog packages.



A platform where you can outsource your marketing plan. DOZ will find and select the most suitable professionals to perform your marketing tasks.

Pricing: Pay as you go, $790/mo, and custom packages available.


Acquired by Piksel in May, 2016, they integrated the tech into the Piksel Palette and Piksel Fuse Metadata. You can automate content marketing and update your content.

Pricing: Contact Piksel directly for a quote.

A content development platform which offers high-quality content including full articles, images, graphics, and video. You can also access thousands of top-tier publishers. Newcred will help streamline the legal process of publishing content from top-tier publishers.

Pricing: Contact directly for a quote.

You’re able to choose between posting OpenOrder, DirectOrder, or TeamOrder to find the right pricing and quality level for your writing needs.

Pricing: Range between 1.3 cents a word to 7.2 cents a word.

The largest and most popular freelance platform on the internet, you’re able to post public or private  jobs for content creation and cherry pick your favourite freelancers.

Pricing: Set your own budget. Bare in mind Upwork takes 20% of freelancers earnings.

An online platform to hire content writers. Scripted has a vigorous vetting process – only 2% of applicants become writers on this platform.

Pricing: Range between $39 for short posts and $85 for long posts.

The platform connects you with respected and influential writers, videographers, photographers, and graphic artists from around the world. And it’s all nicely organized according to social influence, language, topic, and more.

Pricing: Depends on the services needed.

Provides tools to integrate other people’s voices into your posts. You can easily find new tweets, images from Instagram and Flickr, and YouTube video to add to your post. Or, you can cultivate a story told entirely by others.

Pricing: Free trial available. Contact directly for pricing.

You can create an unlimited number of articles, reports, or voice scripts using data. You upload your data, create your template, and generate your content.

Pricing: Contact directly for quotes.

Graphics and Image Tools

An online image creation and editor tool, it also comes with its own stock photos. You can create graphics for your blog posts, social media, website and more.

Pricing: Freemium or $12.95/mo.

Find over 60 million royalty-free stock photos, vector images, and video.

Pricing: Flexible plans start from $9.99.

Gain access to themes, graphics (or upload your own images), to create infographics and visualizations. The simple drag and drop feature makes it easy to use.

Pricing: Freemium or Pro for $38.

You can make awesome gifs with this easy to use gif maker. When you’ve picked your source material, you’ll be taken to the simple editor. You can add captions, stickers, and effects.

Pricing: Free.

Create interactive infographics. With 30 different chart types, you can upload your own data using their built-in spreadsheet, or import your own files. You can also download, share and embed your infographic.

Pricing: Freemium. Paid plans range from $19/mo to $119.mo.

Super easy to use. Just drag and drop your images onto the page and it will optimize your image sizes to help improve your website’s speed.

Price: Freemium. Paid plans range from $5/mo to $79/mo.

You can edit, create, and optimize photos for your website across various devices.

Pricing: Free.

Use their templates to create professional and engaging infographics.

Pricing: Freemium. Lite: $15/mo. Pro: $29/mo 

Choose from over 163 million royalty-free photos, vectors, illustrations, icons, music, and video clips.

Pricing: Ranges from $29/mo to $379/mo.

An application from Evernote, Skitch lets you visually highlight images using arrows, text, boxes, etc. to help prove your point.

Pricing: Free.

This infographic design tool, you can use their customizable templates to create infographics, presentations, reports or social media visuals

Pricing: Freemium. Premium: $19/mo. Business: $49/mo.

Easy-to-use, you can pick from 500+ infographic templates and customize it with over 6000 icons and millions of images to choose from.

Pricing: Freemium. Paid plands range from $10/mo to $60/mo.

This online design tool allows you to create all sorts of graphics: from social media covers to business cards, eBook covers to memes, you can create a lot.

Pricing: $9.99/mo includes 30 day free trial.

Interactive Content Marketing Tools

Makes it easy to create and embed polls, surveys, personality tests, video quizzes, and more to help engage your audience.

Pricing: Free

Designed to help you create interactive voting brackets. Embed it on your site or link back to the bracket page to add an element of competition to your content.

Pricing: Freemium. Premium: $1500. Corporate: Contact directly.

This intuitive tool allows you to create quizzes, surveys, and polls. Offering an impressive variety of customizations, you can make your content stand out. You’ll also receive reports on how your audiences interacts with your content.

Pricing: Freemium. Paid plans range from $25/mo to $175/mo.

This interactive tool helps you to create calculators, assessment, quizzes, and visualizations to help engage prospects, generate leads, and better understand your audience.

Pricing: Growth: $1488/mo. Pro: $2499/mo.

Allows you to create interactive 3D maps with integrated photo galleries and a built-in video player. You’re then able to embed them on your site and share on social media.

Pricing: Ranges from $19/mo to $49/mo.

An all-in-one tool for your interactive content needs. Create assessments, interactive videos, calculators, interactive infographics, quizzes, contents, and more. Then you can easily publish your content on any channel (web, email, mobile, blog, landing pages, or social media).

Pricing: Ranges from $1650/mo to $3600/mo.

Ideal for ecommerce marketers, it uses AI to identify and match products in a video or photo to your store catalog. Your viewers can interact with products as they appear in a video, then click and be directed to the purchase page.

Pricing: Contact directly for quote

Helps you create engaging vdeos by adding questions and quizzes to collect feedback while your audiences watches. It makes it easy for you to add multiple choice questions, polls, and short answer questions to videos.

Pricing: Free

Video Creation Tools

Makes it easy to create high quality, engaging, polished screen images and videos without prior experience.

Pricing: Starts at $199 (one time payment)

Personalize, scale, and mass produce your videos. Idomoo with automatically produce and personalize videos with your information and/or relevant offers.

Pricing: Depends on campaign size.

Makes it easy to turn presentations and web content into an integrated, interactive online video experience.

Pricing: Ranges from freemium to custom price plans.

A video creation platform, it’s designed so you can easily produce engaging video content. Enter your article link, and their A.I will automatically turn it into a video.

Pricing: Freemium or $49/mo.

Video create software that allows you to create animated videos and presentations.

Pricing: Ranges from freemium to $46/mo.

Intuitive and easy-to-use, Snagit is a very highly rated screen capture tool. It has the ability to capture almost every type of image and has outstanding editing capabilities. It’s also backed by an excellent help and support team.

Pricing: Start from $49.95

Designed to help you create quick videos from existing videos, clips, photos, and music. You’re able to automatically share on your social media or use their free badges and widgets to embed videos onto your site.

Pricing: Ranges from $49/mo to $359/mo

A video creation app, it’s ridiculously easy to use. Select the template you want, and Videolicious walks you through three simple steps.

Pricing: Contact directly.

This comprehensive animated video software program lets you make your own whiteboard explainer videos without complicated software, stop-motion animation or professional help.

Pricing: Starts at $29/mo

A video marketing platform designed to help you create custom videos with links and options to brand your video. You’re able to add clickable links, apps, email forms, your logo and contact info in videos.

Pricing: Contact directly

This intuitive web-based app has 80+ profesional template to help you create quality marketing, promo, or explainer videos without previous experience.

Pricing: Ranges from $19/mo to $79/mo.

Conversion Optimization Tools

Uses a self-learning algorithm to scan your site, performing a semantic analysis of your pages and content. After profiling your audience, it will naturally provide the most relevant content for each user in real-time.

Pricing: Free trial available. Contact for quotes.

Will help you scale and optimize your marketing campaigns by identifying and prioritizing your best content and conversion opportunities.  Helping to accelerate the pipeline and capture new buyers.

Pricing: Contact directly for a quote.

Will learn your audiences content preferences on your site using A/B testing, and then optimize your site accordingly to increase conversions.

Pricing: 15 day free trial available. Plans range from $449/mo to $6999/mo.

Track and analyze your website to find conversion opportunities. Once found, Optimizely will implement the appropriate adjustments and improvements.

Pricing: Contact their sales team for a quote.

Started as a WordPress plugin, it’s not a full-on list building platform where you can create, deploy and test opt-in forms. All of your forms can be monitored from one location, no matter how many sites you run.

Pricing: Ranges from $9/mo to $29/mo.

You can choose from set themes or completely customize the pop-ups/opt-in forms for your website. You can then make adjustments by using their analytics and A/B testing.

Pricing: Ranges from $49/yr to $127/yr.

Very easy to use, you can use create a variety of pop-up and opt-in forms to add to your website to generate leads and grow your email list.

Pricing: Ranges from freemium to $199/mo.

Email Marketing and List Building Tools

Email Marketing Tools

Combines email marketing, automation, with CRM and sales. You can segment contacts based on their actions, location, behavior, and social data.

Pricing: All packages are based on the size of your list.

Easy-to-use, you’ll get access to ready to use email templates, list management, autoresponders, and email tracking with detailed insights.

Pricing: Ranges from $19/mo for up to 500 subscribers to $149/mo for up to 25,000 subscribers.

This web-based email marketing tool helps you design email campaign and review their performance.

Pricing: Ranges from $89/mo for up to 10,000 subscribers to $729/mo for up to 75,000 subscribers.

Helps you design and distribute content to increase user engagement. It’s features powerful analytics which allow you to track emails, as we as the purchase behavior of your customers.

Pricing: Ranges from $10/mo for up to 1000 subscribers to $1199/mo for up to 100,000 subscribers.

One of the most popular email marketing tools, it’s easy-to-use interface has great tools and support. Features easy email creator, merge tags, autoresponders, segmenting contacts into groups, and simple tracking and analytics.

Pricing: Ranges from freemium to $199/mo.

Very user and beginner-friendly, it has enough features for most small businesses. Every feature is available on their free plan. You’re also able to create a landing page (hosted by Mailerlite) on your own domain.

Pricing: Free up to 1000 subscribers. Then offer a huge number of plans up to 50,000 subscribers.

An email newsletter tool which offers daily in-depth statistics. You can see open rates, who clicked the spam button, etc. Because of their membership to Certified Center Alliance, they offer minimum spam rates.

Pricing: Use their calculator to determine your price.

List Building Tools

This marketing automation tool allows you to craft every interaction with leads, trial users and customers. Send custom emails based on your audience’s behavior and automate marketing.

Pricing: Ranges from freemium to $83/mo.

This is a lead generation tool for B2B companies. It works by turning your website visitors into sales leads by uncovering which companies visit your site and what they do there.

Pricing: Ranges from $59/mo to $299/mo.

A WordPress plugin, LeadIn helps you understand who visits your site. It will tell you the source they came from and which pages they visited on your site.

Pricing: Free

This is a drag-and-drop tool which makes it easy to create landing pages, setup email sign-up forms, and deliver ethical bribes to convert visitors into leads.

Pricing: Ranges from $25/mo to $199/mo.

Allows you to create impressive, non-intrusive pop-ups. The goal of these pop-ups is to increase leads or email lists.

Pricing: Ranges from $9/mo to $29/mo.

Promotion Tools

Makes the content you create and curate easy for your organization to share by emailing them a daily newsletter filled with articles, news, and blog. They can then share these with one click.

Pricing: Ranges from $9/mo to $99/mo.

This promotional tool links to third-party content on other websites in order to boost distribution. The content’s original publisher will share ad revenue with the site sharing the content in return.

Pricing: $20/mo.

A content distribution and discovery tool, it helps you grow traffic whilst reaching out to highly engaged audiences. And keeps visitors on you site with their recommended content widget.

Pricing: Free.

A fast-growing publisher of content across all industries. You can repost blog posts which is then available for the websites users to read and share.

Price: Free.

This content discovery platform aims to deliver and promote personalized, relevant, mobile, and video content to audiences while using data to help publishers understand their audience.

Pricing: Works on a CPC (cost-per-click) basis, with a minimum spend of $10 a day.

Turns content you own or earned into optimized ads. OneSpot will also distribute your content across their ad inventory, retarget users, and monitor the results.

Pricing: Contract directly.

An all-in-one content amplification and monetization platform, you can implement sharing buttons and advertise content.

Pricing: Ranges from $8/mo to $250/mo. Free package available.

Works by connecting groups of people (tribes) who are interested in and create content on similar topics. Everyone in a tribe share each other content to help promotion.

Pricing: Free

Localization Tools

A translation management tool, you can localize your content by uploading it to their system and selecting a vendor to translate it.

Pricing: Contact directly.

Helps you control the localization workflow and provides tools to make the translation process more efficient.

Pricing: Ranges from $19/mo to $450/mo.

You can use this localization tool to translate your app or website. Pick from 1000+ professional translators and 50+ languages.

Pricing: Reviews from $0.05 a word. Translations from $0.10 a word.

Translate and edit your content that’s stored on websites, mobile and desktop applications. Work with your tanslators or order professional translations for your localization projects.

Pricing: Build your own custom plan.

A localization management platform, designed for collaborative and crowdsourced translations of websites, games, desktop apps, games, and more.

Pricing: Ranges from freemium to $199.99/mo

Connects content producers with translation professionals. Consolidates the process into a single, automated, cloud-based platform to increase efficiency and accuracy.

Pricing: Freemium. Contact for paid packages.

This platform allows you to hire freelance translators or localize your content in a variety of languages.

Pricing: Translations start at $0.07 per word.

SEO Tools

Backlink Analysis Tools

The best link analysis tool on the market. Ahrefs has a monster index (over a trillion links) which is updated at least once a day. It’s very easy to use, you can find excellent link building opportunities.

Pricing: Ranges from $99/mo to $999/mo.

This SEO tool focuses on link analysis. Its “unnatural link detection” feature identifies risky backlinks which may or may have caused a penalty.

Pricing: Ranges from $99/mo to $999/mo.

SEO tool suite offers backlink analysis, link prospect, on-site SEO audits and rank tracking. Also features a “LinkRisk” tool to identify spammy/dangerous backlinks.

Pricing: Ranges from $249/mo to $2499/mo.

Notifies you when you get or lose a backlink. It will also email you when your competitor get a new backlink. Allowing you to try and get the same one for yourself.

Pricing: Ranges for $14.90/mo to $145.90/mo.

Makes identifying spammy links easy. It “Link Detox” tool will scan your backlinks and show you which links put you at risk of a Google penalty or have already caused a penalty.

Pricing: Ranges from $299/mo to $2499/mo.

This link analysis tool shows you sites that link to your competitors (but not you). This is an excellent way to discover new link building opportunities.

Pricing: Ranges from $49.99/mo to $399.99/mo.

An SEO platform that provides you with information on newly acquired backlinks, keyword rankings and site speed. You’ll also get alerts when your competitors get new links.

Pricing: Starts at $24.90/mo for one domain.

A great toolbar for Chrome and Firefox, it shows you the Page and Domain Authority of pages your on and in Google search results.

Pricing: Free

This software suite contains quality tools for link analysis, on-page optimization, and keyword research.

Pricing: Ranges from $99/mo to $599/mo.

Contains quality of desktop-based SEO tools. Including a rank checker, backlink analysis tool, site auditor, and keyword research tool.

Pricing: Ranges from freemium to $699/mo.

Keyword Research Tools

A good tool for finding out what questions your audience wants answers to. It combines Google’ autosuggest scraper and a question scraper.

Pricing: Free.

Their keyword analysis tool lets you find the best performing content in any niche. You can identify which content resonates best with your audience.

Pricing: Ranges from $79/mo to $499/mo.

This keyword research tool generates tons of keyword ideas by scraping Amazon, Bing, Ebay, Google Market and more.

Pricing: One time payment of $49.95.

The only keyword tool that gives you data straight from Google.

Pricing: Free

Different from other keyword research, it can bring up terms you might not have considered or found with other tools. Insteach of seed keywords, it scrapes subreddits to find the most common keywords used by people.

Pricing: Free

An advanced keyword research tool, SECockpit can reveal low competition keywords, keywords that get low CPC in adwords, and even show keywords that have Youtube, Ebay or Amazon results on page one of Google.

Pricing: Ranges from $339/yr to $899/yr

Works by revealing your competitor’s top keywords, every keyword they rank for, and which pages generate the most organic traffic.

Pricing: Ranges from $99.5/mo to $399.95/mo. 

The first tool that scraped Google’s autocomplete data, it still gets the job done by providing you with keywords which are not available in Google Keyword Planner.

Pricing: Free.

Works on a simple model: community members ask and answer questions. This is an excellent way to see what kind of questions your audience wants answers to.

Pricing: Free

Link Building Tools

Organizes and streamlines email outreach and link building. As well as providing tools for prospecting and email-finding.

Pricing: Ranges from $99/mo to $999/mo.

Ideal if you do broken link building, this Chrome extension lets you quickly check a webpage for broken links.

Pricing: Free.

Straightforward and easy to use. This email prospecting tool lets you bulk upload potential prospects to find and verify emails and contact details.

Pricing: Ranges from freemium to $399.

A platform that connect journalists with sources. You’re able to build relationship, hook journalists up with quotes, and get high-quality links in return.

Pricing: Ranges from freemium to $149/mo.

Find and verify email address of people you want to outreach to one by one or in bulk. The verifier help you find the best person to contact.

Pricing: Ranges from freemium to $319/mo.

This Chrome extension doesn’t just check pages for broken links, it also shows you how many links the broken link has pointing to it.

Pricing: Free

Lets you search for influencers in your niche and reach out to them using your own or their outreach templates.

Pricing: Ranges from $69/mo to $599/mo.

An email outreach tool which is super easy to use. You can automate and personalize your outreach using merge fields and automated follow-ups to make it fast and effective.

Pricing: $19/mo or contact for custom package.

A powerful PR tool, it’ll help you to find journalists in your niche quickly. So you can attempt to try and get backlinks from sites like The New York Times and Forbes.

Pricing: Contact directly for a quote.

Infographic embed code generator which lets you specify the dimensions of the embed code box.

Pricing: Free.

A local SEO tool, you can find hundreds of NAP citations and reverse engineer your competitor’s.

Pricing: Generic citations from $4 each. Local/niche citations from $5 each.

Rank Tracking Tools

This rank tracking tool also integrates analytics, link building and social media into its platform.

Pricing: Ranges between $49/mo to $499/mo.

If you sell products on Amazon, you’ll want to take a look at this tool. It tracks your ranking on Amazon.com as well as other international Amazon sites.

Pricing: Ranges from $33.30/mo to $1066.7/mo.

A premium keyword tracking tool which is reliable and easy to use. Also has the ability to track Google+ Local results.

Pricing: Ranges from free trial to $450/mo.

This advanced local SEO rank tracking tool is easy to use. Choose your keywords and locations, then you’ll get a report show your results for Google organic and Google local.

Pricing: Ranges from $99/mo to $490/mo.

Easy and reliable rank tracker, it features a scoreboard to show you which keywords have changed position to most.

Pricing: Ranges from freemium to $599.95/mo.

A high-quality rank tracking tool, it’s got a nice and clean user interface. It allows you to group keywords into categories so you can keep everything nice and organized.

Pricing: Ranges from $19/mo to $899/mo.

Accurate and reliable, it comes with some extra features including keyword research, on-page audits, and competitor analysis.

Pricing: Ranges from $69/mo to $199/mo.

This rank tracking tool will track your keywords against your competitors, check your website’s health, localized ranking, and provide advanced reports.

Pricing: Ranges from $19/mo to $199/mo.

Reliable rank tracking tool that also comes with some extra features including, keyword suggestions and site auditing.

Pricing: Ranges from $7/mo to $189/mo.

This is an enterprise-level tank tracker with a built-in keyword research tool. It also allows you to test how changes to your on-page-SEO affect your rankings.

Pricing: Ranges from $49/mo to custom packages.

After a recent revamp, this is now an all-in-one SEO platform. You can track your ranking and your competitors ranking. As well as do keyword research, site audits, and backlink analysis.

Pricing: Ranges from $19/mo to $299/mo.

This is an outstanding SEO platform where you can use some quality tools for keyword research, technical SEO, rank tracking and mobile optimization.

Pricing: Ranges from $99/mo to $499/mo.

Straight-forward, easy to use, and reliable, wincher is an excellent rank tracker.

Pricing: Freemium. Paid plans start from €6/mo.

Technical SEO Tools

Clean and easy-to-use, this site auditing tool provides analytics on website loading speed, HTML errors and click depth.

Pricing: Contact directly for a quote.

Provides an easy-to-use and attractive dashboard tool that simplifies the marketing reporting process by automatically gathering data from 30+ integrations into one single system.

Pricing: $39/mo to $599/mo.

If you’re doing SEO and content marketing, and you don’t know Google Analytics–get to know.

Pricing: Free.

Link your Google Analytics to this tool and it will add filters to your account – removing spam websites from your referring domains to keep your data clean.

Pricing: Free.

Will test your website to see how mobile-friendly it is. Helpful now Google has started downranking sites which aren’t mobile friendly.

Pricing: Free.

Link this tool up with your analytics to find out if your site has been affected by one of Google’s updates.

Pricing: Free.

Allows you to retrieve (and make automatic backups) your Google Search Console Data from more than 90 days ago.

Pricing: Free.

An excellent SEO tool, it provides easy-to-read in-depth analysis on your websites SEO health. Makes it easy to see which areas of your SEO requires the most attention. 

Pricing: Ranges from $5 pay-as-you-go to $179/mo.

Created by Text Tools, it uses a simple but sophisticated software to enable you to discover terms semantically related to your specific keyword. You can easily see weakness in your content and gain valuable insights into how you can improve ad optimise it.

Pricing: Ranges from $27/m to $67/mo.

Will line up your organic traffic with dates of Google penalties to see if you were hit.

Pricing: Free.

The #1 SEO WordPress plugin, it makes it very easy for you to control titles, meta descriptions, set targeted keywords, track how often you uses them, manage sitemaps, and more. It’s a must have.

Pricing: Freemium or premium for $89.

Social Media and Influencer Tools

Influencer Marketing Tools

This web and mobile app identifies social media influencers by calculated a Klout score out of 100. This score is based on retweets, likes, comments, shares, etc. You’re then able to find the most influential topics and people in your industry.

Pricing: Contact directly for quote.

Acquired by Sprinklr, use this tool to create lists of influencers across social platforms on various topics using peer-validation.

Pricing: Contact directly for quote.

A influencer marketing tool which helps you identify your niche influencers and improve your relationship with them. You can filter searches by topic, content, category, or demographic. Influencers are then ranked by reach, relevance, resonance, and reference.

Pricing: Ranges from $195/mo to $1495/mo.

Will help you identify your industries influencers, most shared content an who shared it.

Pricing: Free

Focusing on influencer relationship management, Traackr lets you discover influencers in your niche, nurture the relationships, and analyze the impact.

Pricing: Contact Traackr directly for a quote.

One of the leading Influencer Engagement Platforms, it’ll optimize how you track, view, and leverage social media. You’ll get an insight into who, what, when & where with in-depth analytics.

Pricing: $75/mo, $695/mo, or custom packages.

Social Media Tools

Lets you track what topics are trending in your niche. And get warning about breaking news using their advanced topic discovery and natural language processing.

Pricing: Contact directly for a quote.

Will schedule, optimize timing, and distribute your content across your social media channels quickly and effectively.

Pricing: Ranges from free to $99/mo.

An all-in-one visual marketing platform for Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr & Facebook. Curalate will help run competitions, schedule, publish and analyze social images.

Pricing: Contact directly for a quote.

A Twitter analytics tool, it’ll help you understand who your followers are, where they’re located, and when they tweet. You can also use it to find and connect with influencers in your niche.

Pricing: Ranges from freemium to $79/mo.

Makes it easy to manage multiple social media accounts, analyze traffic and brand mentions, collaborate with other members of your team, and schedule messages and posts.

Pricing: Ranges from $19/mo to custom price plans.

A social media scheduling tool with a twist. Unlike other platform which require you to add new content, Edgar is “an automated queue that never runs out of content.” – resharing old content your followers may have missed.

Pricing: $49/mo.

This B2B social media management software has been designed to publish messages on social media and converse with prospects to generate leads.

Pricing: Contact directly for a quote.

Takes the guesswork out of post performance. And makes it easy for you to regularly find social media content that gets results.

Pricing: Ranges from $3/mo to $99/mo.

A cloud-based social media marketing tool, Promo Republic allows you to create posts and content from their built-in library of templates and calendar of content ideas, and the schedule your posts across multiple social media accounts and channels.

Pricing: Ranges from $9/mo to $49/mo.

Find, connect, and analyze what’s being said about your brand and competitors from any channel or device. You can discover what your customers want, which content is best, and how to keep up with the conversation.

Pricing: Contact directly for a quote.

Enables you to schedule social media posts to be posted at the best times, as well as recycling your old content when you have no updates.

Pricing: Ranges from freemium to $200/mo.

You can add custom messages to any web page you post and embed call-to-actions into every post you share. Anyone who clicks on your link will see the original content with your call-to-action displayed inside.

Pricing: Ranges from $29/mo to $299/mo.

Use this to manage and analyze your Twitter community. You can follow trends and capitalize on them quickly.

Pricing: Freemium or $299/mo. Custom packages also available.

Will analyze data points across your social media channels and convert it into actionable insights. You can gain a better understanding of your audience, review trends, and obtain in-depth reporting to help maximise your social ROI.

Pricing: Ranges from freemium to $99/mo. Custom packages also available.

A social search engine you can use to analyze real-time aggregated content across 100+ social media platforms.

Pricing: Free

User-friendly, Social Metrics Pro is a WordPress plugin that uses a color-coded grid which tells you which social media campaigns are performing best or worst.

Pricing: $27 for one site or $47 for unlimited sites.

Contain a number of advanced features, you can automate your social media platforms. Schedule updates and recycle posts, find quality followers, and monitor all activities.

Pricing: Freemium with paid upgrades available.

Very easy-to-use, you can identify, organize, and manage your Twitter and Instagram followers. Get actionable data on your most valuable followers, location, interests, bio keywords, hashtags, engagement, and more.

Pricing: Freemium or $49/mo. Custom packages also available.

Social media management tool lets multiple users schedule, publish and analyze posts across several platforms in order to find new customers and grow social media presence.

Pricing: Ranges from $99/mo to $249/mo.

A Pintrest analytics and management tool, you can discover the best boards to pin to, increase your reach, schedule posts, and analyze your results.

Pricing: $9.99/mo or $799.99/mo for professional plan. Custom plans also available.

A trend intelligence platform, it uses real-time data to identify hot topics, influencers, and sentiment before they become hot.

Pricing: $49/mo.

A relatively new tool, Yala is a Slack bot that uses machine learning to analyze your followers behavior, determine the best time for you to post, and schedule your posts.

Pricing: $5/mo or $10/mo.

Webinar Tools

Lets you run live interactive webinars with some cool features including real-time pools, Q&A’s, downloads, and more.

Pricing: Contact directly.

A user-friendly web conferencing platform, it lets you meet with up to 325 people on PGi’s best-in-class global audio network. Add custom branding, schedule your webinars, send custom invites, and receive detailed analytic.

Pricing:125 participants for $69/mo or 325 participants for $249/mo.

Online meeting platform allows you to host unlimited HD video meetings with up to 100 attendees.

Pricing: Ranges from $19/mo to $49/mo.

This online webinar tool allows audiences to connect with your brand through easy-to-enter meeting rooms. You’re able to maximize your strategy and gain time-sensitive analytics.

Pricing: Ranges from $119/mo to $399/mo.

You can host or attend (and record) meetings, share files, screen-share and more.

Pricing: Ranges from $24/mo to $69/mo.

Packed full of features, you’re able to host up to 5,000 people at the same time. Based on Google hangouts, it has excellent analytics, notification systems and call to action systems.

Pricing: $479/year

Writing and Time Management Tools

Time Management Tools

A project and task management app, it aids team communication and collaboration. Create and assign projects and tasks within the projects to team members. You can track progress, share files, and communicate easily.

Pricing: Freemium or premium for $9.99/mo. Custom packages also available.

A user-friendly online collaboration app, you can effectively discuss, organize, and manage projects and events. They also provide 24/7 technical support.

Pricing: $99/mo.

One of the most popular marketing calendars of the web, you can build out your entire marketing strategy, collaborate with your teams, and streamline your processes in one place.

Pricing: Ranges from $40/mo to $2200/mo.

A cloud-based, content planning and workflow tool. It combines web-based calendars, content management, and online collaboration to help global teams stay on top of production deadlines.

Pricing: Ranges from $25/mo to $195/mo.

Allows you to capture a note/memo in any format and make it accessible and searchable on virtually any device. Simple to use and flexible, you can share information and collaborate on projects.

Pricing: Freemium. Paid packages are $3.99/mo or $7.99/mo.

Web and mobile calendar which is powerful and simple to use, you can keep track of your own events and share with others.

Pricing: Free.

Create, store, collaborate, and share spreadsheets, text documents, drawing, forms, photos, and presentations.

Pricing: 15G free storage. Then ranges from $1.99/mo to $99.99/mo.

Built for sharing large files and collaborating online. With no storage or bandwidth limit, you simply drag and drop as many files into your workspace.

Pricing: Starter $145/mo or business $325/mo. Custom packages also available.

Lets you manage the editorial and content creation process from start to end. The online platform lets you collaborate, distribute, and analyze content in a single place.

Pricing: Starts at $3500/mo.

A content marketing automation platform, you can plan, produce, publish and measure marketing content. Simple and sophisticated, the platform helps organize and optimize your content marketing.

Pricing: Custom. 14 day free trial available.

This messaging app brings all of your communication together in one place: real-time messaging, internal and external file sharing, and advanced search options.

Pricing: Ranges from freemium to $12.50/mo.

An online collaboration tool, you can organize your projects in an easy and visual way with drag and drop cards and boards. You can see what’s being worked on, who’s working on it, and what stage it’s in.

Pricing: Ranges from freemium to $20.83/mo.

A simple yet powerful web-based organization tool, it enables you to create personal to-do lists, take notes, collaborate on team project, article outlines, and more. The text-based, zoomable bullets are flexible – letting you organize and reorganize your ideas.

Pricing: Freemium or Pro for $4.99/mo.

Writing Tools

Lets you draft blog posts, use markdown to format text with easy keyboard shortcuts, and subtle syntax highlighting. Working across desktops, iPads, and iPhones, you can export your content or upload it straight to Medium, WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr and Evernote.

Pricing: $10.99.

Allows you to check for duplicate content by scanning the internet for copies on the web. You also have the option for them to automatically scan your content on a daily or weekly basis.

Pricing: Ranges from free checks to daily checks for $19.95/mo.

Helps you create clickbait titles for your content that get you more traffic. Aim for a score of 70+.

Pricing: Free.

This web app and Chrome extension suggests spelling, grammar and style changes in real-time. You can edit for specific types of writing (business, academic, casual etc.).

Pricing: Freemium or Premium for $11.66/mo.

Improves your writing by showing you mistakes in sentence length, structure, grammar errors, and the overuse of adverbs and passive voice.

Pricing: Free.

This online program lets you only see one letter at a time as you’re typing. Because you can’t see what you’ve already said, you stay focused on what you’re going to say.

Pricing: Free up to 3000 words, then $10.08/mo.

A powerful web app or Chrome extension, you can quickly see lots of synonyms and antonyms for single words and transition phrases.

Pricing: Free.

A text editing app, it provides all the features of a word process, except it removes all the clutter so you can focus on writing. Also allows you to format and upload your content to WordPress from inside the app.

Pricing: $4.99/mo.

A web-based app that helps you get better at writing efficiently through the use of templates.

Pricing: Freemium or $29/yr for Pro.


Online graphic design software to help take the time and effort out of creating visual content

Pricing: Freemium or $9.99/mo for Pro.