10 Ways Automated Emails Can Personalize Your B2B Customer Service

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If you are a company that primarily caters to other businesses in the B2B circles, you know that not all standard marketing practices are right for you. Rather than appealing to the impulses of individual buyers, you must cater to the more complex needs of entire companies who make use of your goods or services. Of course, with hundreds if not thousands of business clients, you probably don’t have the personnel to assign a specific representative to each and every client but you can still offer incredibly personalized customer service. With modern email automation services, you can skip the key accounts manager and rely simply on a combination of well-built software and creative thinking to provide customized and appreciated messages to each and every one of your business clients. Not sure where to start? Here are the top ten ways to use automated emails for to personalize your B2B customer service.

1) Dynamic Content Selection

First and foremost, it’s important to understand what modern automated emails are capable of. When properly set up, your marketing platform should be more than capable of dynamically generating emails with content that is specifically suited to the intended recipient. You can do this by using information entered by a customer service rep but you can also find programs that pull directly from your sales and CRM software. Email contents can be generated based on industry, buyer history, time of year, and your own special promotions. No matter what kind of automated emails you’d like to send, dynamically generated content is the primary way to achieve fast computer-assisted personalization.

2) Appearance Personalization

Who says all the emails you send out have to look the same? Chances are that every one of your B2B customers has a company logo, colors, and unique design sensibilities. It’s important to remember that companies are made up of people, and people love appearance personalization. When every email you send a specific customer attractively features their own company colors, you show that your messages are more than just form letters sent to every client on a list. They are unique, personalized, and consider the values of the recipient.

3) Welcome to the Service

Now that we’ve covered what your automated emails can do, let’s talk about what kind of emails you can schedule and send. The first automated email that any client will see is a welcome to your service. The moment a client successfully makes an account and signs up for your services, you want them to see an email hit their inbox warmly welcoming them. Make sure to use information gathered during the sign-up process like their name, industry, and perhaps a special message about what you can do for others like them. This will make it clear that you are awake and ready to serve every new client at a moment’s notice, even if the email is automated.

4) The ‘How Are We Doing?’ Check

No matter how long a company has been one of your clients, it never hurts to check in on their satisfaction with your service. Even if you have an annual meeting with each client to discuss this, the occasional email response is often appreciated as a way to stay current on customer happiness. Make these emails regular but not completely routine. After every few interactions with your company, send clients a customized survey about their satisfaction with the most recent service. This will give them the opportunity either to ask about a concern or give you props for making them happy.

5) Special Deals Just for Them

Offering discounts and special package deals is a longstanding form of marketing and lead generation, but not all your customers or target audience members want the same thing. Rather than trying to pick the most broadly appealing deal possible, why not offer deals that are custom tailored to clients and leads who will appreciate them most? Analyzing your marketing and customer data, you can use predictive programs to craft personalized deals and emails offering them to their intended recipients. This will not only make your clients happy to get discounts on products they want, it also ensures that the bargains you design will more reliably generate increased sales.

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6) Customer Anniversaries

If they were B2C customers, you would be sending friendly emails on their birthday, but your customers are companies. Fortunately, this doesn’t prevent you from sending friendly personalized messages on special occasions. Celebrating the anniversary of when your clients joined your service is a delightful way to show each one that you appreciate their individual business and thank them for continuing work with you in the upcoming year. You can use much of the same imagery as birthdays with balloons and even a cake with digital candles in the number of years you’ve been working with them.

7) Helpful Account Reminders

One thing automated emails have been doing for years is sending account based reminders to online customers. Perform the same function with a personalized twist simply by dynamically populating and customizing each reminder message. Here, you can combine several forms of a message, using whatever suits the reminder best. Reminders to renew their subscription, for instance, might also be accompanied by a ‘how are we doing?’ survey link. These helpful emails will help you and your customers keep accounts up to date, accurate, and well-managed so everyone is happy with the results.

8) Informative Order Updates

When a customer has a pending order, they usually appreciate regular updates on its preparation and/or shipment status. You can set up your email automation to send them relevant order updates as the information comes into your system. This will let customers know where their orders are in the process and will have them looking out for update emails in case you need to check with them on a packaging, shipment, or payment detail.

9) Considerate Seasonal Offers

Many industries go through a predictable seasonal ebb and flow in which they will need more or less of specific goods and services. The hospitality industry, for instance, needs a lot more service and financial personnel during the summer while retail outlets have seen an overwhelming increase in orders as the Holidays approach. By understanding the industries of your clients, you can offer them special seasonal deals just when they need them most, increasing customer loyalty and boosting your sales at the same time by making yourself their premier source for whatever it is they need annually.

10) Event Invitations

Do you have a yearly party for all your favorite clients, or perhaps host a company dinner and review session every year? Meeting with clients is a wonderful way to show them that you care and truly appreciate their business. And what better way to invite them than through your personalizing email platform? Send a beautifully designed invitation email laid out subtly in your own company colors to invite each of your valued clients to a special event just for them.

Personalizing your advertising campaigns has never been easier. From PPC advertising to automated emails, every message you send can be hand or computer-tailored to suit the needs and style of your clients. When you have a good marketing plan and a strong email automation program, it will be easy for your customers to understand how much you value them.