8 Effective Ways to Get More Clients Through Social Media


One of the (many) beautiful things about the advancement of technology and social media is that business owners now have new ways to reach their target audience and secure new clients. Business owners, whether they run a mom-and-pop store or a giant corporation with hundreds of employees, now understand the value of genuinely connecting with their potential and current customers rather than overtly advertising. Today, utilizing the platform of social media is now much more effective than a billboard or an ad in the newspaper. And the cherry on top is that accessing social media can be done by using virtually any tech device from your smartphone to your tablet to your desktop. So how exactly can you start increasing your clientele through social media? In this post, we will uncover eight simple, but effective ways that you can get more clients through social media websites.

  1. Beef Up Your LinkedIn Profile: This is particularly anyone who conducts B2B sales or works as a freelancer. LinkedIn is a great way to garner new clients for people in the aforementioned professions. But if you want to successfully secure new clients—and not only that, but actually have people coming to you rather than you seeking them out—you need to have an impeccable LinkedIn profile. Beef it up. Make yourself stand out. Don’t be afraid to tactfully show off your credentials and confidently write about what you can do. Make your LinkedIn profile as appealing as possible. When you fill your profile with the right content, more people in need of your service or product will be able to find you.
  2. Join LinkedIn Groups: LinkedIn really is one of the greatest assets so many business professionals can have. It’s not just a way to connect with other professionals in and outside of your industry; you can potentially land new jobs or attract new clients through this social media platform. But in order to do this, you must be active on the site. Join plenty of groups pertaining to your industry and frequently communicate in those groups. Don’t ever make the mistake of blatantly advertising yourself or what you have to offer in these groups. Instead, just communicate. Offer free advice. Engage in conversation. This way, you will be able to establish your reputation as a trusted authority figure in your niche.
  3. Profile Existing Customers: If you have a customer who has stood and has regularly used your products or services, showcase them on social media (with their permission, of course). Get a photo and write a bio on them and explain why they are being featured on your social media profiles. Make sure you tag them in it. This will ensure that their social media friends and followers will see the feature and become more aware of your business. Not only will this strengthen your brand identity and awareness, you will help secure the featured customer’s loyalty to your company. Commit to doing this at least once a month to continue strengthening your online presence and garner new customers.
  4. Optimize Your Social Sharing Strategy: One of the most powerful ways to strengthen your brand identity and capture the attention of more potential customers is by having extremely “sharable” content on social media. Do not make the mistake of solely churning out information about your business on social media. Create a content calendar with engaging content to upload on social media. If your current social media followers like it, they will most likely share that content with their friends and followers. And if they feel compelled, those friends and followers will do the same. Obviously, there is no way to guarantee that something will go viral, but you can expand your reach by thousands of people simply by regularly sharing information. Not only will this increase your online visibility, you will increase your opportunity to attract more customers.
  5. Start Using Those Instagram Hashtags: If your customers are comprised mainly of a younger audience, it is important to maintain a presence on Instagram. While many adults still regularly use Facebook, lots of teens and other millennials spend the bulk of their time on Instagram. So how do you use Instagram in such a way that will build more followers that can eventually be converted into customers? By implementing the use of hashtags you will be able to build your ideal audience on Instagram. For example, if you are a fitness clothing line, use hashtags with the words “fitness” “gym”, “healthy living”, and “cardio” in every new photo that you upload. This will make it easier for Instagram users to discover you, like your photo, and potentially start following you. Also, you can search pertinent hashtags in Instagram to find your ideal audience.
  6. Don’t Slack on Those Images: Speaking of Instagram, the social media platform that was created for the purpose of sharing photos, it is important to take advantage of the power of images. This is particularly important for any business that sells products. Regularly uploading eye-catching photos of your products will bring in twice the engagement that written content would. After all, it has always been said that a “picture is worth a thousand words”. When you provide your social media followers with stunning imagery pertaining to your business, they will become more enticed by the lifestyle that you are promoting.
  7. Stay Relevant: Staying relevant on social media is easier said that done. But it is a necessary component of attracting new clients through social media. The only way you will remain relevant on your social media platforms is by regularly producing content that is of use to your target audience, not just your customers. This will require a bit of research. You have to develop and intimate understanding of your ideal customer—what they like and dislike, what they are interested in, and what their habits are. And then you need to craft a content strategy that will engage your ideal customer. Keeping your social media profiles and pages regularly updated with useful content is the best way you can stay relevant online.
  8. Pay Attention to Your Tone: The way you speak (or write rather) plays a pretty big role in whether or not social media users are going to pay attention to you. If you rely on a totally canned, automatic tone of voice, you’re not going to get the kind of response you want. Personalization is key. Speaking in a human tone is really vital, even more so on social media. You have to keep social media users engaged when they read what you have written. Not only is a personalized way of speaking important in order to attract new customers, social media users expect it from you. There is no quicker way to alienate potential customers than by blatantly keeping everything generic, bland, and sterile. Put some personality into your wording and give your followers something that is worth reading.

Looking for more ways to leverage social media to garner new clients? Keep reading our blog for more information or get a hold of our team today. We specialize in helping businesses of any size get equipped with all of the tech devices they need to build their business and attract more customers.