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Government Tablet Cases

We make Government Tablet Cases, Covers and Accessories to suit every Government Department, for every Tablet. We know what works.

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Custom Logo Cases has the pleasure and privilege of working with government agencies all around the world, providing the best quality government tablet cases at the best possible prices. Whether you require 10 government tablet cases for a handful of employees or thousands of cases for multiple departments, we are ready to meet your needs and provide you with excellent products and first rate service all for a low price.

Main Types of Government Tablet Cases

At Custom Logo Cases, we have a diverse assortment of government tablet cases that includes:

- Hard Cases. Hard cases are one of our least expensive options for government tablet cases and provide ample protection from scratches. The cases are crafted out of polycarbonate plastic and cover the backs and sides of tablets.

- Gel Cases. Gel government tablet cases offer scratch protection like hard cases but are more shock absorbent because they are fabricated out of thermoplastic polyurethane or TPU.

- Leather Cases. Our leather government tablet cases have a polycarbonate shell for protection and the added benefit of a vegan polyurethane or genuine leather cover to shield the screen from damage.

- Skins. Skins are thin vinyl coverings that adhere to the housings of tablets and act as a barrier to scratching. The skins do not add weight or bulk to tablets and are very economical.

- Sleeves. Made from neoprene, genuine leather or vegan leather, sleeves are government tablet cases that are closed on three sides with an opening at the top. The cases protect all parts of a tablet from damage.

Specialty Government Tablet Cases

In addition to our standard government tablet cases, we have a few specialty options. For cases that are very easy for government employees to carry, you can choose cases that have hand straps built into their designs. Our rotating tablet cases have integrated stands for viewing a tablet hands free. BlueTooth keyboard government tablet cases come complete with QWERTY keyboards that sync with tablets using BlueTooth technology and allow users to type easily.

Accessories for Government Tablets

Custom Logo Cases isn't just the best source for government tablet cases; we're also the place to buy all of the accessories that government employees need to use their tablets to the fullest. We carry screen protectors for tablets, tablet viewing stands and more. If you're in need of tablet accessories that you don't see in our collection, contact us! We might just be able to supply you with what you need at a great price.

Why Custom Logo Cases?

Custom Logo Cases has the experience needed to help you select the best government tablet cases to suit your requirements and to produce the finest cases possible. We have very low minimum purchase requirements and do not charge extra for custom printing or embossing. We will also optimize the logo or seal that you wish to have displayed on your government tablet cases at no charge. Shipping is free anywhere in the world. Click the button above to get a quote on government tablet cases for your needs.



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