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Custom iPhone skins from Custom Logo Cases are ideal for a wide variety of purposes and uses. Our logo printed iPhone skins are ideal for promotional giveaways and provide maximum brand exposure by reminding the recipient of your company whenever they use their iPhones. What's more, the logo printed iPhone skins promote companies to the general public when the smart phones are used in public. The custom iPhone skins are also ideal for protecting mobile devices owned by a company, organization or school.

The collection of custom iPhone skins available from Custom Logo cases includes options for all models of the iPhone, including the iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and iPhone 6. All of the custom iPhone skins are produced from the finest quality materials and have cutouts to provide access to key features like the camera, ports and buttons. Custom printing and logo design are included at no extra charge, and bulk wholesale pricing makes our logo printed iPhone skins very cost effective.

At Custom Logo Cases, we can offer any of our custom iPhone skins for retailers who wish to carry mobile device accessories that are truly of the highest quality. With more than 300 million iPhone users worldwide, adding our wholesale iPhone skin to the inventory of a brick and mortar or online store can increase sales revenue and provide opportunities for cross sales and impulse buys.

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