ZEEQ: The Pillow that Blends Technology with Comfort

Happy couple sleeping in a comfortable bed at home

We spend a third of our life sleeping. We’ve heard it said many times before that a good night’s sleep makes all the difference. Doctors have spoken about rem cycles and their importance to our health. Sleep affects daily activities, attitudes, and alertness. Health issues and stress have both been linked to poor sleeping habits. It’s something that affects us all, so we should do our best to get the most from our hours of sleep. The new ZEEQ pillow is here to help you do just that. You can find it on Kickstarter now. It’s fully funded, but there are still stretch goals to complete, and of course there’s many pledge packages still available.

In a world filled with intelligent tech, ZEEQ has taken a simple item we all use and crafted it into a technological gadget. It’s not a smartphone or motorized drone, but it has spectacular features and amazing technology.

If you hate silence at night, or you just prefer to listen to music as you drift off to sleep, then you should consider making this pillow one of your next purchases. ZEEQ has eight built-in speakers that allow you to stream music from Itunes, Spotify, or any of the pre-installed REM-Fit soundscapes. Simply open up the app, and pick which kind of music you’d like to listen to. It’s designed so that you’re able to hear the music no matter what position you’re sleeping in, yet it won’t disturb your partner. You’ll have no more use for headphones that cause discomfort as you lay in bed at night. And, if you don’t have the perfect music to sleep to, choose the REM-Fit soundscapes option which will give you an ambient sleeping experience.

You’re probably wondering if a pillow filled with technology is also comfortable. The creators of ZEEQ wanted you to have the best of both worlds. They refused to sacrifice your comfort. They spent considerable time and effort testing fabrics to provide you with the best option. ZEEQ’s tencel pillowcase wraps around a supportive memory foam shell, creating a cozy pillow you’ll love to lay your head on.

Along with peaceful music and ultimate comfort, ZEEQ analyzes your sleep. It contains monitors that sense when you’re snoring and gently vibrate to nudge you into a new sleeping position. You can program your alarm in the app and ZEEQ will vibrate to wake you, while leaving your partner undisturbed. If you choose the Smart Wake feature, ZEEQ will monitor your sleep cycle and wake you up at the ideal time, so that you’re more alert and refreshed. Grogginess will become a thing of the past.

The creators of ZEEQ spent two years making this the perfect pillow for your ultimate sleeping experience. ZEEQ provides peaceful rest, ultimate comfort, and helps you wake up feeling rejuvenated. This innovative and sophisticated pillow improves your sleep to give you a more energized and productive tomorrow. You can check it out on Kickstarter for more information.