A Whole New World of Gaming

Melbourne, Australia - August 12, 2016: Male hand holding iPhone 6 with Pokemon Go game on a busy street

Pokemon Go is one of the most popular apps for smartphones. Everywhere you look you see people walking around with their phones out, swiping the screen to catch the Pokemon that they can see standing in front of them. It’s a popular game because it gives the user a sense of nostalgia, but it also offers the excitement by bringing a fictional creature to life. It gives us an experience that other games don’t offer, which is to watch fantasy become reality right before our eyes.

Computer science is advancing, and soon it will give gamers a whole new experience when it comes to bringing fantasy into our reality. Imagine watching a fictional character come to life in front of you, but it’s not motionless. Imagine that it can move around and actually interact with our world as if it were real. New techniques in imaging software are getting close to making that future a reality.

Interactive Dynamic Video is a new imaging software that could bring gaming to a whole new level. The software, after taking pictures, creates video simulations, and these simulations become extremely realistic, to the point that people can actually interact with them.

For decades now science has been moving forward in gaming tech, making it look and feel more realistic. Thus far, its been hard to get images to interact with actual objects. Pokemon Go has come very close, creating fictitious creatures that stand on our ground, but the technology is still lacking when it comes to actual interaction.

Interactive Dynamic Video is moving in that direction. Using cameras to capture vibrations created by an object allows the computer to predict how the object would move if something else were to interact with it. This technology opens the door to making realistic, interactive, games. By using the vibrations captured from the images, Interactive Dynamic can, not only predict the object’s behavior, but they can animate the object. Once it’s animated, they use the behavioral predictions to create realistic interactions. Apply this technology to gaming, and a fantasy world can truly come to life.

Thus far the creators of this technology have used stationary cameras, so there are still a few steps to take before it’ll be available onsmartphone cameras. When we operate our phones during games, we never hold our hands completely still. The technology still needs alterations to accommodate for our shaky hands, and gameplay movement. However, such technology shows us that it’s possible, and that creates a spark of excitement for what the future of gaming holds in store for us. Soon we will see the world of gaming change, as characters spring to life in a way that we’ve never seen. Gaming is on the verge of seeing fictional characters walk in our world, interact with real objects, and move in realistic ways within our reality. Imagine the possibilities.

Games have always had a way of transporting us to another world. They make reality fade away for a while, and we get a glimpse of something different, something magical. We become immersed in creative imagination, and thrilling adventures, that help us escape the boring day-to-day and become part of something grander. Now, imagine the creativity that will come from game inventors when this technology is available to them. It will completely revolutionize gameplay. If traditional games have given us excitement and adventure for so many years, imagine the dynamic experience we will receive when gameplay truly comes to life before us. Technology will launch the gaming experience into a whole level, and gameplay as we know it will never be the same.