Do You Walk Your Dog While Playing Pokemon Go? Then This is The App for You!



Meudon, France - July 24, 2016: Apple iPhone5s with Pokemon Go application, hands of a teenager playing in the forest of Meudon on the first day of the lanching of the game in France

Ever since Pokémon Go released earlier this month, easily becoming an overnight sensation, people just can’t get enough of the game! You can find game fanatics hunting their favorite starter Pokémon basically everywhere you look so it really comes as no surprise pet owners who are very engaged in this extremely popular smart phone app are aiming to become Pokémon masters while walking their dogs. Dogs lovers are even going the extra length to take man’s best friend on every single Pokémon outing, and with all the memes about it invading your Facebook news feed, Wooftrax quickly caught on that this habit wasn’t fading anytime soon.

The fundraising company created the perfect app for Pokémon Go players who bring their canine companions along for the adventure. With their Walk for a Dog app, available for both apple and android smart phones, players can help out their local animal shelters! They’ve already helped over 6,000 shelters in all 50 states and it continues to grow with more users taking action.

While playing Pokémon Go, you can keep the Walk for a Dog app open and it will track your walk. For every mile you reach, Wooftrax will donate anywhere from 11 cents to 25 cents to the Furry Kid’s Refuge, an animal rescue organization that helps abandoned pets find homes. The amount donated all depends on the number of walkers so the more walkers, the more you help!

But walking is just a part of how you can help raise money for rescue animals. Snapping a photo or screenshot of your dog with the Pokémon you hunt down and posting it to Facebook and Instagram with the hashtags walk for a dog and Pokémon dogs will increase your chances of being noticed by the creators of Wooftrax, who select five favorites every so often and donate at least $50 to the shelter or rescue in the post.

What about those who don’t have a dog who still want to help out? They choose the “walk for Cassie” option or create a “dream dog” when setting up the application and every walk they go on will count!

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