The World’s Getting Smarter: Brilliant New Smart Gadgets to Increase Your Capabilities


With every day that goes by, we move away from “dumb” items, such as a refrigerator that does nothing but make stuff cold, to a smarter world where your refrigerator can accommodate you much better than that. Here are some examples of emerging smart gadgets that can give you abilities you never dreamed as possible. In many cases, they can help you figure out what you want before you even know it yourself, among other impressive capabilities.

Smart Headphones

There are a number of smart headphones on the market, either on Indiegogo, Kickstarter, or elsewhere. One such example is called Vinci. In general, smart headphones have storage directly in them so you can listen to music without connecting to anything else.

Many of them let you do wireless charging, and some of the best have a music player for HiFi sound right onboard as well. But this isn’t where it ends by a long shot. You’ll often be able to charge the phones wirelessly, control the music through your voice, and some even have a gesture interface where you can get it to play what you want just by moving around.

Vinci, for example, has a screen on the outside of the ear cups to visualize what you’re hearing too. Another exciting ability many smartphones have is called 3D sound. This means that when you turn your head, advanced head tracking sensors in the smart headphones can be aware of this, and play sound accordingly. This means that the gadget works great for virtual reality or augmented reality purposes. It can make you feel like you’re actually there way more than it would if you just used “dumb” technology such as regular headphones. The audio fixes on a single point and changes direction and strength based on where your head is and how far away you are from that point.

Lights, Movies, and Snow

Smart Lights are ending up with a stupendous amount of automation these days, and a surprising number of interesting capabilities. For example, lights such as Lifx or Hue can be connected to more than just your smartphone. Yes, you can turn them on and off throughout your entire house that way, or create special themes that blend different lights for particular effects. And certainly, you can have them flicker in whatever pattern, or respond to the presence of humans through motion sensors or simple phone proximity.

But the possibilities are there for far more than that. For example, the show 12 Monkeys on SciFi has it so that you can sync your Hue lights directly to the television program. So, when something strange or supernatural happens on the show, your lights might flicker. They might go down during scenes when people are crawling around in the dark. They may turn blue and spooky during strange scenes, and so on. If you combine this with the smart headphones and other smart options such as smart VR screens and others, you start to get an immersive experience beyond what most people think of as possible.

Other new options for smart lights would include instantly informing you about the current state of the weather outside using a service such as IFTTT. You can key the same lights into the weather applet on the service so that, for example, the lights in your home turn purple when it rains, blue when it snows, yellow when it’s sunny, or any other combination that you want. It could be a quick way to keep tabs on the weather outside of your home without expending any effort.

Refrigerators and Eating Through Life

It’s a common occurrence for people to leave the home and then completely forget what they were going to get once they arrive at a store. Smart refrigerators increase your knowledge in real-time by letting you access either a live stream of the contents of your refrigerator or check a series of snapshots of the inside taken from a camera at the top of the inside of the fridge that looks down. You can check the time stamp on it to confirm that it was recently enough to be a good indication of what’s in there now.

Some refrigerators let you take a snapshot at will, as well. In addition, some brands will let you input what’s currently in the refrigerator from a  smartphone so that a scanner can then tell when you remove those items. That way, you can check your phone for a running tab of what’s in there and what isn’t, generally.

Plus, you can even set it up so that smart refrigerators will send you a push notification on your phone when you’re running low or even when you’re out of a particular product. That way, you can always keep it well stocked. Plus, for extra points, it’s going to be possible to set it up so that you have the fridge automatically ordering more food online whenever you run low. Obviously, you will have to keep an eye on this so that you can make sure you transfer cold food into the fridge before it goes bad, but increased speeds from local delivery stores like Amazon, Target or Walmart will make fast delivery on the same day of cold products possible.

Makeshift Smart Cameras

One interesting innovation for the modern world is how you can create a smart surveillance camera from a smartphone. This can definitely save you some cash, and it can give you some extra options that you might not have access to otherwise. For example, if you take a smartphone and download a relevant app such as Alfred, InHouse, or others, you can then lean your smartphone against something like a coffee cup so that it looks out on the place you want to monitor, and then use a computer or another smartphone to gain access to the feed.

One of the advantages to this is that you can easily transport smartphones with you to wherever you’re going on short notice, such as a hotel room, and create a smart surveillance system that can pick up on motion and wake you up through alerts if anything is detected. It can also take video or photos of any motion as well.

This will only serve to increase the capabilities of people who have access to such smart systems. After all, many regular surveillance cameras aren’t going to be this easy to set up. Smartphones converted into smart surveillance can work through any WiFi system usually, including the free WiFi you get through a hotel, although it is true that it could be a bit slower.

Other New and Exciting Smart Gadgets

Smart toilets are another example of a strangest smart device you can get now. The features on it generally involve self-cleaning. There’s also the Umbrella, which is a smart umbrella that can give you weather alerts. Then, you have smart paper baskets that can tell you how full they are, plus some of them can even vacuum the floor around them.

There are smart utensils that can help you with eating habits, including simply vibrating if you’re eating too quickly. In time, there will likely be options that can inform you of potential allergen issues as well.