Tech News: Does E-Skin Make Wearable Phone Possible?


Tech news is making the headlines. In recent years, scientists have been working in many exciting new venues. As technology gets smaller, scientists have looked to new locations to put this technology, and new things we can achieve with it. Now science has begun looking towards the human body as the next place to house your smartphone.

In an unveiled piece of tech called e-skin, scientists are hoping to be able to implant a phone or other variety of tech onto the surface of your skin. It would likely be powered by your own body, flexible to wear all day, and easy to access. Of course this technology has other uses, including many medical uses such as mitigating pain for burn victims by being implanted directly into the screen. Hospitals could use it to monitor oxygen, heart rates, blood sugars or many other uses. Similarly, athletes could use it to closely monitor their body and their progress.

The tech itself has a variety of obstacles to overcome. For example, finding material flexible enough to warp and move with the elasticity of the human skin. While there has been some promise leading to bendable screens, nothing elastic enough has been found yet. Similarly, finding material that is also safe to remain on or be implanted into human skin is tricky.

Still, while these are daunting challenges, they have already led to bendable screens and other bendable electronics. One of the first instances of e-skin was in fact for a small tattoo.

Ultimately, perhaps the future is going to look bright in some unexpected ways!