Tablets Marry Bluetooth Keyboards, Consumers Celebrate

Responsive design mockup for online webdesign. On table top with different office items

When tablets like the Ipad took over the tech market, consumers oohed and ahhed over the one-piece design, as well as the on-screen keyboard. But as apps and programs for Ipads expanded, so did the need for a more user-friendly way to type.

Back to the Laptop?

Laptop makers quickly saw a way into the Ipad-happy market, and began offering touchscreen computers, paired with the ease of use of the laptop, complete with ubiquitous keyboard. Creative tech designers answered back by offering Bluetooth-compatible keyboards for the Ipad.

Tablets originally were seen as game-oriented devices, but consumers liked the size and weight of IPads, and steered their use toward productivity. The ability to type quickly and efficiency created even higher demand for keyboarding options, and a niche began.

What are the Options?

Apple of course offered their own keyboards as an accessory, but customers still in sticker shock over what they spent for the Ipad itself found price relief in products from companies like Zagg, Logitech, and Belkin. Prices started as high as $150, but as Amazon, Sam’s Club, and other discount companies began carrying the keyboards, prices evened out so that a good-quality Zaggfolio, for example, can now be purchased new for as little as $50.

The size of available keyboards is about the same, so keyboard comfort is determined by each individual user. Typing a few minutes on each device is a great way to see which style or maker you prefer. From there, it’s a matter of options. Do you want backlit keys? Would you like a one or two piece design? How about finish and weight? Looking through the plethora of options out there, you’ll want to consider battery charge time, which can keep a charge on most models for several weeks.

How Does Pairing Work?

When Bluetooth keyboards first flooded the market, pairing devices involved typing in a code in your IPad’s settings so it could find the new device. Now it’s as simple as joining a wifi network. Simply turn your keyboard on, go into settings, and select the device you’ve bought. A couple of taps on your keyboard to activate it, and you’re ready to type.

Durability is still an issue for those who use their keyboards with any regularity. You can expect to have to replace your keyboard every year or two if you’re a heavy user. For many consumers, the compact size and ease of use make it worth it.