‘Superbook’ Turns Your Smartphone into a Laptop

Opened laptop with smartphone, pen and cup of coffee on wooden table, close up

Who needs a laptop when you have a smartphone? Smartphones have become faster and more powerful in recent years, offering many of the same features as traditional computers. Perhaps this is why more than two-thirds of U.S. adults own a smartphone, according to a recent Pew survey.

But laptops still have certain advantages over smartphones. Unless you own a BlackBerry, your smartphone probably lacks a physical keyboard, making it difficult — albeit not impossible — to type long messages. The Superbook, however, may finally bridge this gap, allowing users say “goodbye” to their laptops.

Meet the Superbook

Designed by startup Andromium Inc., the Superbook essentially turns your Android smartphone into a laptop. However, it doesn’t contain a processor, hard drive, memory, video card or any other components found in traditional laptops. Rather, the Superbook is a “frame” to which users can connect their smartphone.

The Superbook is more or less a laptop “shell,” complete with an 11.6″ high-definition screen, physical keyboard with Android navigation keys, multi-touch trackpad, built-in battery (it can charge your phone simultaneously), and WiFi/Bluetooth connectivity.

In effort to raise capital for its bold new venture, Andromium Inc. has launched a Kickstarter campaign. With nearly $2 million pledged by more than 11,000 backers, it has well surpassed its original goal of $50,000. Numbers such as this attest to its popularity, even if it’s still in the early stages of development.

This isn’t the first time a startup company has attempted to produce a laptop shell for smartphones, however. A similar project appeared on the crowdfunding website Indigogo a while back for NexDock. What makes the Superbook stand out from similar products, though, is its versatility and low cost.