Spire: A Gadget That Promotes Well Being

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In today’s fast paced world it’s easy to get overwhelmed, stressed out, and tired. With more and more people suffering from anxiety, it’s becoming a daily issue that many people struggle with. Spire is a gadget that was created to help those who suffer from anxiety find some peace. Spire acts on studies that prove a certain type of breathing can alter blood pressure, reduce stress, and increase endorphins. Deep, consistent breathing is a simple tool that can help someone calm down and relax when they face anxiety.

During moments of anxiety your breathing will change. Spire tracks your breathing and alerts you when your breathing becomes tense and irregular. It sends you a reminder to slow down, take a minute, and breathe deep. It also comes with a smartphone app that offers easy exercises and mini-meditations to help offer you a sense of calm and peacefulness. Through these mini meditations you can regain focus, calm, and a sense of peace. It’s a great way to focus on your breathing and your state of mind. It also helps stop you from becoming overwhelmed when your anxiety creeps up.

Everyone has faced a difficult day, an overwhelming problem, or a complication at work or in a relationship. None of us are exempt from bad days, and many of us don’t escape anxiety at some point or another. Anxiety is not healthy, but has become a part of life. Spire wants to help people learn about their own anxiety, and become aware of how it’s affecting them. They want to help those with mild anxiety learn how breathing, meditating, and taking a moment to seek peace will help them in moments where their anxiety rises up.

Along with encouraging helpful breathing, meditation, and exercise, the creators of Spire strive to inspire the modification of negative behavior. Sometimes we bring anxiety upon ourselves, or we make it worse, by the thoughts we think or the things we do. We create bad patterns in our life, and they cause anxiety inside our mind. Spire was created to help you overcome those negative patterns and harmful choices, and find peace and security instead. Spire helps you take positive steps, and increase your overall well-being. The creators of Spire want everyone to live happy, healthy lives, and they believe they’ve created a gadget that will help people move forward towards that goal. Recognizing a problem, and bad habits, is the first step in making changes that will benefit you in the future. Spire helps you identify those problems and bad habits, and then it offers you suggestions and helpful tips to help overcome them. With Spire, you can train yourself to breathe deep, take a break, and meditate when you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed.

While it’s not a prescription, and it shouldn’t replace a doctor for actual medical needs or diagnosis, it’s definitely a gadget that promotes wellness and peace of mind. With today’s fast-moving pace, pressure filled society, and overwhelming demand from life and work, who doesn’t need a little help taking a moment to focus on a calm, peaceful, state of mind? With Spire, you’ll be reminded to take a few moments throughout your day to stand still, breathe deep, and just enjoy the calm that you can find even in the midst of your fast-moving day.

In a day and age where gadgets consume a large amount of your time, where technology is exalted, and where convenience is king, why not take a look at a simple, small, easy to use gadget that helps you find calm in the midst of a fast paced world?