8 Ways to Use Your Smartphone to Make Your Work Day More Productive

Man uses a smartphone at work while being productive

While it wasn’t long ago that the most novel things mobile devices could do were take photos and send text messages, the cellphone has rapidly improved in unprecedented ways within mere years. Every few months, new smartphones are coming out with impressive updates and features to make daily life easier for every user. Whether you are at home or in the office, there are multiple things your smartphone can do for you. And in this post, we will focus on some fascinating smartphone tips and tricks that you can try to make your work day more productive.

  1. For The Love of All That is Good And Holy, Turn Off Your Notifications: This really is less of a nifty trick and more of a straightforward tip. But it is worth mentioning considering the number of people who admit that their smartphone notifications are their biggest distraction at work. There is no better way to kill productivity or keep yourself focused than by constantly having your phone blow up with notifications. To start, turn off the most useless notifications like updates on new YouTube videos that you subscribe to, information on traffic in your area, and social media updates. Once your phone goes off with a new notification and you check it, it could take you up to 20 minutes to get fully focused on your task at hand again. Secondly, it’s also a shrewd move to put your smartphone on the “do not disturb” mode when you are working on a particularly complex project. Mute all emails, calls, and texts and save them for after work.
  2. Use Airplane Mode Even When You Aren’t on The Runway: Many people are unaware of the benefits airplane mode offers, even when you aren’t about to take off or land from a long flight. For example, if you have been out of the office and on the go all day with 5% battery left (and you don’t have a charger with you), turn airplane mode on. Once you are near your charger again, keep airplane mode on while charging. It will go back to 100% much more quickly than it would without being on airplane mode. Another great advantage of airplane mode is correcting a serious texting mistake. If you accidentally sent a text to the wrong person, turn airplane mode on right away. The text will fail to deliver and then you can turn it back off again to send the message to the right person.
  3. Give up Texting And Walking For Good: We already know how incredibly dangerous texting and driving is, but texting and walking has a few of its own problems. When you are glued to your smartphone instead of looking at the path ahead of you, you could easily end up walking into something, tripping, bumping into someone, or falling. Download the app Type n Walk to prevent this from happening. When you use this app, you will still be able to text, but you can also have a street view while you type. The app uses the camera on the front of your phone to create a transparent screen and give you X-ray like vision so you can type and see what is in front of you at the same time.
  4. Swap Out Social Apps For Productivity Apps: When you swipe open your smartphone and land on your homepage, what do you see? For most people, it’s all of their favorite apps, particularly social apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. These are easily some of the biggest distractions that come with smartphones. So instead of being enticed by your social media apps, remove them from your homepage and replace them with more apps that will most likely increase productivity. Such apps could include things pertaining to news and current events, language skills, wellness, and anything else that is work-related or will boost productivity more easily.
  5. Spend Less Time Listening to Your Voicemail Messages: Once upon a time, the only way to get access to your voicemail messages was by listening to them. And this can be a time-consuming process, especially when you have to first type in your password, then listen to your audio recording, and go through several voicemail messages at one time. Instead of listening to messages, read them. Convert your voicemail messages by downloading Google Voice which will allow you to read through all of your voicemail messages in your free time and at your convenience. You can cut down on the time listening to long-winded messages by simply converting them into text and reading them more quickly.
  6. Never Snooze Through Your Smartphone Alarm Again: This isn’t necessarily something you can use at work, but it is a hack you can start using if you are afraid of missing work because you slept in. If you are a heavy sleeper who needs more than a loud, vibrating alarm on your smartphone to get you up, this simple tip should do the trick. You can amplify the sound of your alarm by placing your smartphone in a glass. It will be hard to ignore the exponentially louder alarm and thus you can make it to work on time and not miss that important presentation or meeting with big clients.
  7. Start Taking Payments on Your Smartphone: Thanks to technological advancement, there are now multiple ways you can accept payment on your smartphone. Many businesses like to now use the Square Up app. Just plug a square into your phone, download the app, and take credit and debt card payments wherever you are. This means you no longer need to rely on an outdated cash register or even a tablet to take payments. You can also send money through your smartphone thanks to Facebook payments that can be made through Messenger and sent directly to your bank account. This not only makes taking payments less time-consuming, but more efficient and convenient for everyone involved.
  8. Conduct Last-Minute Research And Get Real-Time Answers: If you have just a few minutes left before a big presentation for business partners or clients and want to brush up on a few extra things, just whip out your smartphone and conduct some last-minute research from anywhere. Secondly, if you are at work and need some answers, you can get them almost instantly by plugging your questions into Google. No more waiting for information. No need to tell a client you have to check out your company information and get back to them in a couple hours or even a few days. Why do that when you can pull up your company website and get all of the information on your products, services, and company team within mere seconds? Smartphones are not only saving people time, but making waiting for information or answers essentially obsolete. This makes your work life more productive while simultaneously keeping your colleagues, business partners, and prospective clients happy.

Looking for more tips and tricks on ways to use your smartphone for greater productivity in the workplace? Or are you in need of some hacks to make your personal life more fulfilling and purpose-filled with the use of your smartphone? Keep reading our other blog posts for more great resources or get a hold of our team today with any questions.