Smart Yoga Mats Join Gadgets that Get You in Shape


Companies like Fitbit, Garmin, and the ubiquitous Apple all offer devices that help you track your exercise, compete against friends for most steps taken, weigh yourself discretely, or even measure your heart rate. With the skyrocketing popularity of fitness products, it’s only natural that another company enters the field in a creative way.

What’s New?

Coming soon to this fitness lineup is an expensive but fascinating option: a $350 yoga mat that reads your moves and balance, and helps you achieve Sun Salutations and Downward Facing Dogs with precision and good form. 

With the moniker “SmartMat”, the device links with your smart phone through an accompanying app. The mat then reads your balance and alignment, and offers real-time communication to perfect your pose. 

Extra Appeal

Though yoga studios have no shortage of clients, the untapped market of spandex-leery ‘yoga newbies’ creates a niche market. Safely in the comfort of home, SmartMat owners enjoy yoga sessions guided by a personal, though digital, yogi. Since set-up for the mats include calibration for the owner, it’s like having one-to-one instruction. And no one else sees you in those tight pants!

Where Are the Mats Sold?

Currently, SmartMats are only available for preorder through the company’s website. Though there is a wait to get the product in hand, the SmartMat offers a pre-order discount, with full retail reaching as high as $497.

Gadgets such as these offer consumers diverse and innovative options for staying fit. If yoga mats that offer feedback are popular, just imagine what’s next. Dance mats, smart phone Dumbbells, or virtual swimming pools are not sounding too far-fetched. The options are only limited by our imaginations–and pocketbooks.