Six Gadgets to Make Your Day-to-Day Life Easier


Today’s world is fast-paced, on the move, and time seems to slip through our fingers. With busy schedules packed with meetings, phone calls, carpools, and friends to meet up with we do everything we can to make our day-to-day lives a little easier. Anything that can help us accomplish a task sooner, get information faster, or help us stay focused is welcome. Thankfully, as our lives speed up and our schedules become more crowded, technology gets smarter, more advanced, and more helpful than ever. Below is a list of gadgets that can make your life a little easier.

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is far more than a Bluetooth speaker, although it does play music with stunning clarity. The Echo can perform a wide variety of tasks and find the answer to almost any question, making Alexa almost like a virtual assistant. If you have an assistant, you know how helpful they can be. And if you don’t, I’m sure you’d love one. The Echo can save you small amounts of time throughout the day by controlling your lights and thermostat, order a pizza so you don’t have to cook dinner, and even call an Uber for you. All these small tasks shave minutes off your schedule and ease the stress that’s weighing on your shoulders. Simply ask Alexa to do something for you, and she happily complies. So, whether you want to listen to Spotify or Pandora, get a pizza, or turn up the heat on a chilly day Echo is a gadget well worth the money.

A Portable Battery

While old Nokia phones never needed to be charged, we’re well past the days when our phone’s battery holds its charge until we’re home and in bed. With all the apps that are constantly running, the phone calls we make throughout the day, and the numerous texts sent to and from our phones our batteries often fail before we can get home. This creates a dilemma we’ve all faced before. We get the warning that our battery is dying and rush to find a charger. Sometimes we’re lucky, and other times we scream “no” at the screen as our phone turns black. If this happens to you often, especially at inopportune times, such as right before you call a cab or request an Uber, then you should invest in a portable battery. Never again will you have to rush around like a crazy person, searching for a place to plug your phone in.


Have you ever felt your pockets or searched through your purse looking for your keys only to panic when you realize they’re not there? It’s happened to the best of us, so don’t feel too embarrassed. Our minds are focused on so many things throughout the day that sometimes we forget where we’ve placed crucial items, such as our keys or our wallet. When this happens you normally find yourself looking around for at least a few minutes and asking others if they remember where you might have left the object you’re searching for. It’s a very frustrating inconvenience that can put you in a bad mood. Thankfully, there’s a convenient, and inexpensive solution. Tile is a Bluetooth tracker that you can put on anything you might lose. If you misplace your keys, simply activate your Tile. The tracker can remotely ring your phone and communicate with it from over 100 feet away, informing you of your possession’s exact location. If you’ve wandered further than 100 feet, don’t worry. The “Community Find” feature will help you find anything you’ve misplaced outside of that 100 feet radius.

Storage Expansion

As handy as smartphones are, they have their flaws. One of the most annoying flaws is that you can easily run out of space. While some phones have larger storage capabilities, none of them are endless. So, if you happen to store a lot of files, pictures, or apps on your phone, chances are you will run out of space eventually. When this happens you’re forced to delete something before saving a new file or picture. Storage expansions can eliminate the problem. They’re easy to install and most are pretty inexpensive. Give yourself the freedom to download apps, take pictures, and store as many files as you need by buying a storage expansion for your phone.

Harmony Home Control

Logitech Harmony Companion All in One is a universal remote for tech-loving customers. Not only does it come with a remote for one-touch control of everything from your entertainment system to Philips Hue Lights and Nest Thermostat, but it can also be controlled by your smartphone (via the app) or Amazon Echo. This amazing device doesn’t just control your TV, satellite, and blue-ray player, it controls your game consoles too. It is the ultimate control in total home entertainment. So, no matter what you need to control, whether it be your Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, or your PS3 Harmony Home Control has you covered. And while some remotes won’t work if the device isn’t clearly visible, the Harmony remote will control your devices even when they’re hidden in an entertainment cabinet or located behind a wall or door. So, if you love control, gadgets, and convenience then the Harmony All in One Remote Control is perfect for you.

Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

Do you have several notebooks scattered around the house or sitting on bookshelves filled with notes that you’ve taken over the years? Do you ever need information only to find that you forgot what notebook you wrote that information down in? If you’re an avid note taker you know what a hassle that can be. Rocketbook Wave is the answer to your problems. While smartphones come with the “note” app, and there are several other ways to jot down information and store it in one convenient location, sometimes you want to handwrite your notes. There’s nothing wrong with that. Some might say it’s an outdated form of note-taking, but there’s something about it that some of us still love. Rocketbook combines the old and the new. Take notes the old fashioned way, with friction pilot pens (that as a bonus, are erasable), and then save your notes by taking a picture of them. Using the Wave app on your phone, snap a picture of your notes and save the image to your dropbox, the cloud, or your google drive, among other convenient locations. Not only does it save the picture to your desired location, it crops and enhances the image so that it doesn’t look like a photo, it looks like a notebook page filled with your words or images, crisp and clear just like they were in the actual notebook. It gets even better. Once the notebook is full, you don’t have to go to the store and pick out a new one. Simply microwave the notebook to completely erase all the notes within the book, leaving it clear for you to start all over again. This one notebook can replace all your others. Take endless notes, create drawings, and never have to worry about running out of space.

Each of these gadgets can help turn your schedule from hectic to managable, taking some of the stress off of your shoulders and giving you a few spare moments to simply relax and enjoy life.