Octospot: The Future of Diving Cameras



Young Woman Scuba Dives on a Coral Reef

Octospot has the potential to be the coolest new gadget in both the camera and diving worlds. Octospot has garnered great interest through Kickstarter, with 593 backers pledging $235,897 toward the project (far exceeding the goal of $80,000). As you may have guessed, Octospot is a camera designed for SCUBA divers.

What features make the Octospot a perfect camera for divers? Well, first of all, it is waterproof up to 656 feet (200 meters). The slim design of the camera makes it ideal for divers to wear on the strap of their dive mask. The camera is designed with no extra external casing, which makes it slim. The slim design means it won’t be in the diver’s way. Octospot has a battery life of over 2 hours and can store 4K of video and 12 MP of pictures. The camera has a simple interface and is super light-sensitive. Octospot provides vibration feedback and its 2 magnetic switch buttons can be operated even when wearing gloves. Though the Octospot has a slim design and some delicate features, it is built for rough and tough use. As if being slim yet durable wasn’t enough in a diving camera, Octospot also has some smart technology features. It has a pressure sensor. This pressure sensor logs the temperatures and depths of your dives while also automatically adjusting the white balance according to your depth. Oh, and of course, Octospot links to an app on your smart phone allowing you to view and share your videos and photos easily.

Octospot is certainly raising the bar when it comes to camera and diving technology. Octospot is simple to operate, slim lined in design, built with durability, and packed full of advanced technology.