Must-Have Apps for Android Tablets

Must-Have Apps for Android Tablets
Must-Have Apps for Android Tablets

Today’s technology-driven age has created a world in which SmartPhones and Tablets have the ability to make our lives much easier. They provide us with productivity enhancers, quick answers, and a world of information right at our fingertips. There are too many apps available to try them all, so take a look at the following must-have apps to discover some of the best apps for productivity and entertainment. If you haven’t downloaded them yet, now’s the time. These apps will make your day-to-day life easier, more productive, and more entertaining, and who doesn’t want that?



Everyone has days where they feel overwhelmed. They’re running behind, they’re unorganized, or they can’t find that file that they’ve misplaced. These amazing apps help you get through tough days like that without wanting to scream and pull your hair out.


If you love organization and lists, this app was created with you in mind. It’s a do-it-all app that helps you keep all of your lists in one easy location. Within seconds you can go from your vacation folder to your grocery list. This app helps you work on projects, share ideas with your family, and plan that dream vacation. It instantly syncs between your phone, tablet, and computer so you can switch seamlessly between devices and access your lists no matter where you are. This app is perfect for keeping track of your to-do lists, both for the day and the week, as well as assignments and plans. If you swoon at flawless organization, do yourself a favor and download this app today.

Today Calendar

Almost everyone can benefit from a calendar, and Today Calendar is one of the absolute best. Its fantastic layout lets you see both a month and day calendar side by side. Check or make immediate plans, or schedule something for later in the month with ease. If you’re the type of person who values both productivity and stunning visualization, you’ll really appreciate this app. Some calendar apps provide functionality but they don’t do much to appeal beyond that. Today Calendar has created an app that’s both functional and pleasing to the eyes. No more boring, standard calendars for you. This app organizes by color, has icons, and lets you customize your events with great detail. It was definitely created to stand out from all the rest.

Dropbox/Google Drive

You probably only need one of these apps, but both are great. Whichever you choose, you’ll get high-quality performance and safety. Storing projects, notes, and work assignments online has never been safer or more simple. Both of these apps provide great functionality as they conveniently store everything you need in one easily-assessable location. Whether you’re writing a book, working on assignments or projects for school or the office, this app is a must-have tool. Never again will you have to wonder where your file is stored, or curse yourself for not backing up your work. These amazing apps will save you a lot of stress and time. They’re both greatly reviewed and highly used, so it’s simply a matter of preference which one works best for you.


Gone are the days when people filled physical photo albums with pictures and stored a multitude of them on a shelf. Now, all of our pictures are stored in folders on our tablets or computers. It’s convenient, simple, and gives you more options.


For many people, editing photos is a must. If that’s you, then Snapseed should be on your tablet. It provides you with 29 tools and features to help you get the perfect look every time. Some photo editing apps make it hard to make and save changes and don’t provide enough variety, but you’ll find that Snapseed excels at providing an easy to use app that doesn’t fall short when it comes to creativity. If you can think of it, Snapseed probably does it. This app will provide hours of fun as you transform your photos time and time again with precision and imagination. Whether you want to simply enhance your completion and add a frame, or you want to get a little more creative, this app is perfect for anyone who loves photos.

Movies and Video

Movies have always been beloved by most, but with the invention of SmartPhones and Tablets they’ve transformed and are better than ever. Streaming, downloading, and watching on the go has reinvented the way we get our entertainment fix.


We’ve all been there. You see an actor in a movie and spend the next hour trying to remember where you’ve seen him before. You rack your brain for the answer but it just doesn’t come. Now you’re frustrated and you have to re-watch the current movie because you weren’t really paying attention. This app fixes that problem in seconds. Along with helping you figure out what other movies an actor was in, you’ll find trivia, release dates, and upcoming movies. Watch trailers, rate movies, and keep track of shows you want to see. This app really is a must-have for anyone who loves movies or TV.


These are really obvious suggestions, but they have to make the list anyway. Both of these apps should be on your tablet because each provides you with a different list of shows than the other, plus they each have their own originals shows that are becoming increasingly popular among viewers. Hulu is better if you’re looking for current shows that came on the night before or a week ago, and we all know that Netflix is the go-to app for binge watching. So, both bring their own perks and are therefore both necessary.


While there’s something special about holding a physical book in your hands, no one can deny the convenience that eBooks provide. If you’re a book lover and delight in the idea of traveling with several of your favorites at once, you don’t need to rush out and buy an E-reader. Simply take advantage of your Tablet.

Play Books 

Tablets make excellent e-readers, and Play Books is a phenomenal choice because it provides a few extra features that make your reading experience even better. Packed with resources such as Wikipedia integration, dictionaries, and notes this app allows you to do so much more than just read. With Play Books, you can get information without breaking your concentration and remember all the interesting thoughts and suspicions you had earlier in the book. See if your suspicion of a character was justified, if your plot theory holds up, or just re-read an interesting thought you had about an inspirational chapter. Whatever you use it for, Play Books is one of the greatest apps around if you’re a book lover.


One of the most popular e-reader apps, and for good reason, Kindle offers a wide variety of reading material and makes it easy to download books for offline reading. Whether you buy books from the amazon store or choose from their selection of free ones, there’s plenty of amazing finds in this one app. Adjust brightness, word size, color, and font, and adjust spacing to make reading as comfortable as possible. Kindle also allows you to store more books than you could ever possibly read, and switch between them with ease. This app is exceptional in so many ways and should be found on any book lover’s tablet.

Each of these phenomenal apps stands above the rest in their categories and helps make your life easier, more fun, and less stressful. Whether you use your tablet for work, storage, or entertainment, there’s something on this list for you. Each of these must-have apps functions very well on tablets and have received excellent reviews. So, check them out and see which ones are a perfect fit for you and your lifestyle. For more great app suggestions and helpful tablet/smartphone tips, continue reading our blog. We’re passionate about technology and helping you use it to make life easier and better than ever.