Did You Know Great Gadgets and Apps Help Aspiring BBQ Chefs Rock?


Group Of Friends Having Outdoor Barbeque At Home In Garden

For many barbecue fans, the only gadgets they turn to when it comes time to grill are old school, stainless steel utensils. Although the time-tested utensils are undoubtedly great to have, today’s aspiring chefs can do better. We can all thank Smartphone and app designers for that. They’ve made some of the best grilling apps around and companion gadgets too. Here’s a charcoal briquette size look at some of what’s available this season:

iGrill Mini

We all know those wanna-be cooking kings and queens that can’t keep their hands off of the grills’ lids. They’ve got to sneak a peek at the coals every five seconds, which often makes for lousy food not to mention a smoky party space. Oh they have their reasons for engaging in this unproductive behavior but we’ve got a workaround that will satisfy their urges and keep the party food from drying out. It’s called the iGrill Mini. Designed to work with many mobile devices, it’s a Bluetooth enabled, hands-free, meat thermometer that typically retails for under $40.

Weber’s On the Grill™

And the iGrill Mini isn’t the only tech tool that will quell the urges of every nervous Nate or Nina. There’s also an ultra cool app calledWeber’s On the Grill™ that will do the trick. It will keep track of time and temperatures but with a perfect twist. What puts the ideal swizzle in the app’s usefulness? Simply stated, it has many event planning features too. As such, aspiring chefs can use it from the pre-planning stage right through to cocktail time on the veranda. And the related costs are minimal.

Rhino Gauge App™

Of course every backyard chef needs more than just meat thermometers and timers in order to be successful. That’s why we couldn’t help mentioning the Rhino Gauge App™. It’s one of several freebies out there that are handy to have if your resident, would-be, grill pro prefers propane over charcoal or smoking woods. It will keep track of essential grilling supplies and prompt chefs when it’s time to make anotherpurchase. Oh, and if your team does prefer charcoal or wood, try The Pit Pal BBQ App. It has similar functions that will help keep the grill fires burning.