Why a Hybrid Tablet Should Be Your Next Tech Purchase

Hipster using tablet pc


Carrying around a tablet and a laptop won’t cut it anymore. Hybrid tablets are laptops with a detachable screen — basically, it’s a tablet with a traditional keyboard attached. Over the past few years these devices have been taking the tech world by storm.

These convertible computers mostly run on Windows operating systems (Apple hasn’t completely dived into this world just yet) and have the full functionality of a standard laptop. They’re lighter than a standard laptop, with most weighing in under two pounds (Standard laptops usually weigh between two and three pounds). Additionally, they’re flexible. No, they aren’t exactly going to do yoga with you, but the tablet portion can be flipped so the keyboard is behind it, making it easier to use the tablet while carrying it without having to actually detach the keyboard. The tablets are touchscreen, so they can be easily used while walking around.

Price-wise, the hybrids are similar to a laptop. Some start in the low hundreds and can get as high as the thousands, depending on the features and processing power you want included. But, remember that you aren’t just getting a laptop, but you’re getting a tablet also, thus theoretically saving a few hundred dollars.

But what about durability? It seems like these machines would be much more fragile than their counterparts that can take a few hard knocks. If this is a concern, there are not only cases available to protect the hybrid, but some companies are even producing ruggedtablets to withstand tough knocks and toddlers.

If you’re ready for a new computer, definitely look at hybrid tablets. Not only are they convenient, they are functional and excellent for home and business use alike.