How Many Times do You Touch Your Smartphone?

Alushta, Russia - October 25, 2015: Woman holding in the hand iPhone 6 S Rose Gold in cafe. iPhone 6S was created and developed by the Apple inc.

Statistics show that 2 out of 3 adults in the U.S. own a smartphone. These advanced mobile devices do more than just place and receive calls. Using a smartphone, we can play games, access social media networks, browse the Internet, shop, run apps and more. With so many features, it’s no wonder why most users are glued to their smartphone.

Study: We Touch Our Smartphones… A LOT

Even so, you might be surprised to learn just how many times the average user touches his or her smartphone. According to a study conducted by the software company dscout, the average Android user touches their smartphone 2,617 times per day!

For the study, dscout recruited 94 owners of Android smartphones, asking them to install a special app that tracked their touches and behavior for a five-day period. Researchers discovered that most active sessions involved either one or two apps. Only 9% of users’ sessions involved four or more apps per session.

Games Trigger More Touches

Researchers also found that some Android apps triggers more touches than others. Games, for instance, triggered about 80 touches per session. Mobile games like Pokemon Go require the user to constantly touch the screen, whereas other apps usually require minimal touching.

Coming in at a distance second in terms of touch count was shopping apps. Users must click through multiple categories to find, and buy, products online. And the third “touchiest” Android app were image apps, many of which support touch-to-zoom functions.

Of course, this study focused specifically on Android users. Perhaps Apple users touch their smartphones more than 2,617 times per day. Regardless, there’s no denying the fact that smartphones are an essential component of our daily lives.