Holiday Gift Guide for Your Favorite Cook

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Everyone has that one friend who loves to cook, and it is highly likely that you owe that friend a pretty sweet gift, considering the number of meals they have served you over the past year. So what on earth should you get them? A gift card just doesn’t have that wow factor, and the usual coffee mug isn’t going to cut it.

Cooking gear is always nice, but from pots and pans to spatulas and spoons, your cooking friend probably already gets a whole range of kitchen odd and ends as Christmas gifts. While all of these things are thoughtful and useful, none of them is quite original enough. However, there are a few kitchen gadgets that your friend has probably never heard of.

Below we have gathered a small collection of just 5 of these high-tech kitchen tools. If you are looking to blow your chef friend out of the water this holiday season, one of these fancy gizmos is sure to do the trick!


Have some older meat in your fridge that you just aren’t sure about? This incredible gadget can tell you where your meat stands in no time at all. That means you will never again be subjected to sniffing a rotting piece of beef, and better yet, will never suffer the consequences of eating said beef.

The FOODsniffer uses new technology to detect the various gasses put out by rotting fish, poultry, and meat—including those the human nose cannot pick up—and will alert you if the meat is unsafe to consume.

Egg Minder

Speaking of rotten food, nobody likes a rotten egg. Fortunately, Egg Minder can save you from eating one.

This nifty bit of technology can tell you when your eggs go bad, as well as keep track of the number of eggs in your fridge. This information can be checked right from your smartphone, so you can check on your eggs from the store, and you’ll never run out again.


If you are into decorating your food, Cinnibird is for you. This amazing contraption allows you to write on your food (or beverages) using a thin line of spices. Use cinnamon to write a message on top of hot cocoa, or paprika to draw hearts on a batch of deviled eggs, or cocoa powder to add a flower to the top of your loved one’s coffee. The possibilities are endless with a fun tool like Cinnibird!


Have you ever gotten to the store, only to realize you forgot to make a shopping list? With Hiku, this can be a problem of the past.

Hiku is an innovative refrigerator magnet that recognizes your voice and scans barcodes. Whenever you run out of an item, simply scan the barcode or announce the name of the product to Hiku. The magnet then proceeds to record the item on a shopping list, which is sent directly to your smartphone for easy access.


Drop is a food scale, but it’s also much more. The Drop scale connects to your phone via Wi-Fi and, using the compatible recipe app, will adjust recipes for you based on how much of one ingredient you have available to use.

For instance, if you are running low on sugar, the Drop scale will measure what you do have, and the app will adjust your entire recipe around the amount of sugar you have to use.

With all of these amazing kitchen gadgets to choose from, you are sure to find something that is just perfect for your chef friend. In fact, we are confident that these gifts would be perfect for almost anyone on your list, chef or no. After all, who dosen’t enjoy food?