Hands-Free Accessories For Tablets: A Look At What’s Available

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Hands-free accessories offer a wide range of added functionality, enabling you to use your tablet in ways you might not have even imagined yet! In this post we’ll highlight some of the most interesting and useful of these supplementary devices.

  • Hands-Free Tablet Stands

The most commonly purchased hands-free accessory for tablets is a stand that props the tablet up and positions it for watching movies, playing games, making video calls and recording videos. These stands are available in a variety of models. Tall floor stands with adjustable necks are ideal for movie viewing. Smaller tripod-like stands are available for those who want to prop the tablet up in front of them while working at a desk. There are even flexible “spider leg” stands that wrap around the back or armrests of a sofa or couch so you can freely change positions while still keeping the tablet close to you.

  • True Hands-Free Control For Any Tablet

Siri and OK Google provide some voice functionality, but don’t offer a full range of control over the device with just the commands that they understand. Even worse, you sometimes get the dreaded “I can’t do that” in response to things that the voice assistant is supposed to be able to do. While this is just an inconvenience for most, it can be a major obstacle for people with disabilities.

Fortunately, there’s a wide range of different hands-free devices to cover many different eventualities. For example, motion sensors are available to remotely translate your hand gestures to commands on the screen. Control is also available by way of foot pedals, a stylus held in the mouth, and switch interfaces that tie into wheelchair buttons. Not only do these provide better access than voice commands, they also reduce the strain put on the battery by having the tablet in “listen” mode constantly.

  • Tablet Holders For Exercise

If you want to keep your tablet with you while out running or biking but don’t want to carry around a bag or backpack, there are better options. You can get a waist pack or a holster that straps the tablet to your body and holds it in a more snug and secure way that stands up to even rigorous and extended workout sessions. With a little creative placement it’s even possible to keep the tablet strapped to you while lifting weights so that you can listen to music, then take it off to watch videos while you’re doing a cardio session.

  • Wireless Accessories For Movies

If you’re going to be watching movies and television with a stand, you’ll also want a remote control so you don’t defeat the purpose by having to get up and make adjustments all the time!

The most direct and easy way to do this is to use your phone, linking the two devices together via an app. An older tablet could also be converted to work as a remote. And if you live with others or have thin walls, wireless headphones and earbuds allow you to enjoy your movies in privacy without being tethered to the tablet by a cable.

While they don’t make a universal TV-style remote for tablets, the Tablet Remote app is a quick and easy way to adapt one Android device into a remote for any other.

  • Hands-Free Carrying Cases

These carrying cases aren’t like a normal laptop bag or satchel. They look similar, but they are specially designed to open fully and hold the tablet steady, allowing you to use it without disengaging the case from your shoulder. This allows you to more easily use the tablet in situations where space is at a premium, like on a bus or train, or even use it while walking.