Got Ghosts? 3 Ghosthunting Apps for Smartphones


Creepy scene in desolated house

Are you curious about what those sounds in the attic really are? Are you trying to prove (or disprove) the existence of ghosts? There is a wide variety of technology available that can make the process much simpler, including smartphones. Several of the tools you need for your ghost-hunting adventure are already in your smartphone. From EVP (electronic voice phenomena) recorders to magnetometers, with the touch of a button (well, actually with the touch of an app), you will have instant access to the tools many ghost hunters swear by.

EVP RecorderEVP recorders have a sensitive microphone that can be used to pick up electronic voice phenomena. Next to capturing the footage of an apparition, capturing voices is the ultimate experience for paranormal investigators. If a ghost is trying to communicate with you, it is typically difficult to hear their voices, but an EVP recorder allows you to record communication sessions that can be sent to your computer for further analysis (hear voices in the background of electronic recordings).

AudalyzerGhost hunters usually get excited when they hear voices and inexplicable sounds, but it is often difficult to figure out the exact source of a sound. An audalyzer analyzes everything it hears and will tell you exactly what is creating the audio. As soon as the sounds are captured, you will know whether it is a dripping faucet or the ghost of previous homeowners. It also gives you the audio’s frequency.

EMF DetectorAn EMF (electromagnetic fields) detector is used to measure the strength of electromagnetic fields in the immediate area. Most ghost hunters believe ghosts produce an electromagnetic energy that can be measured. The EMF detector monitors fluctuations in magnetic fields that may indicate the presence of a ghost in the room with you. A good EMF detector app will have a needle-based display to show the degree of magnetic energy and if you enjoy treasure hunting when your not ghost hunting, the EMF detector can also be used as a metal detector

These are only a few of the smartphone apps available for you to get out and do some ghost-hunting. Many of the apps designed to do one task are free, but there are others that combine several ghost-hunting tasks into a single app, such as the Ghost Detect Pro, (only $0.99), which is basically a ghost hunter’s toolbox, with functions, such as EVP, EMF, photo analyzer and a quantum flux detector.