Google Actively Developing two New Android Wear Smartwatches



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Android Wear is the search engine giant’s signature mobile operating system designed specifically for wearable electronics. It features many of the same functions and features as the standard Android OS, only optimized for wearable electronics like smartwatches.

While Android Wear has only been available since 2014, it’s captured a significant portion of the wearable electronics market. Reports show that Android Wear devices had between one and five million installed apps as of January 2016, attesting to its popularity.

In May, Google announced the largest Android Wear update to date, introducing a slew of new features to its OS such as a new user interface, built-in apps, Google Fit improvements and more. Android Wear 2.0 is expected to roll out later this year.

Google’s New Android Wear Smartwatches

But Google is looking to capture an even larger piece of the market by developing two new smartwatches for its Android Wear OS. According to a report by Android Police, one of the smartwatches will feature a larger screen, measuring 43.5mm in diameter, while the other Android Wear smartwatch measures 42mm in diameter.

While Google hasn’t revealed any specifics about these new smartwatches, sources close to Android Police say the upcoming Android Wear devices will feature LTE connectivity, GPS tracking and a heart rate monitor. The smaller of the two new Android Wear smartwatchesmay also feature interchangeable bands.

What’s even more impressive, though, is that Google’s new Android Wear smartwatches may feature Google Assistant Integration. Announced at the Mountain View company’s I/O earlier this year, Google Assistant Integration allows users to seek information and find answers to questions via “an ongoing two-way dialogue.” You can check out this post on the official Google blog to learn more about Google Assistant Integration and how it works.