Gear VR: The Gadget that Transforms the Way You Play

Girl with pleasure uses head-mounted display

Fantasy books and sci-fi movies have had us dreaming of experiencing another world since we were kids. We’ve all pretended we were somewhere else fighting some imaginary creature in a grand adventure. Gear VR powered by Oculus makes those dreams a reality. It takes you away from your normal day-to-day life and plunges you into another world.

Gear VR has gone far beyond 360 photos. As much fun as it is being inside a picture Gear VR is a gadget that goes deeper. You can watch Netflix, socialize, watch Cirque du Soleil’s Kurios show, and that’s not even mentioning the games. One of the newest game additions is one that transports you from your world into another.

For anyone who’s a fan of Minecraft you’ll definitely want to experience the Minecraft world through Gear VR. Minecraft already showed you another world, but now through Gear VR you’ll be transported there. You’ll experience that world on a whole new level as you create, explore, and craft weapons through the amazing experience of virtual reality.

Now as you go on your adventure through the Minecraft world you’ll no longer feel as though you’re just playing a game. You’ll be immersed in a world and experience the thrill of turning around to find a creeper waiting behind you. It’s a whole new experience, and a thrill you won’t want to miss.

See the castles, homes, and ships you build as you would if you were standing right in front of them, because essentially you will be. Minecraft on Gear VR still gives you the choices of creative and survival modes as well as multiplayer. Let Gear VR teleport you inside a game you’ve come to love and stand inside a world you’ve only viewed from a distance.