Fun Gadgets: Ghost Drone 2.0

Hovering drone that takes pictures of city sights

When we were kids we had action figures, barbies, footballs, and toy cars to play with. As we’ve grown our toys have advanced. In this age of technology, gadgets are our toys. While some gadgets have practical functions to help us navigate our busy lives, others are simply fun.

The Ghost Drone 2.0 by EHANG is one of the ultimate tech toys you can buy. It’s superior design soars to new heights, pun intended. EHANG has made it so simple to use, anyone can do it. The drone is completely controlled by your phone. Tilt your phone to the left, the drone will follow. Tilt your phone forward, and watch the drone fly away from you. Having fun with drones just got a lot easier.

It’s equipped with safety precautions to make your drone flying experience nothing but pleasant. Its dual sensors give you peace of mind when flying, because if one sensor fails, the other keeps your drone from crashing to the ground. If your battery starts to die, or communication gets disrupted for whatever reason, the drone will automatically return to you.

Experience this world you live in from a whole new view-point. See our world through new eyes as your drone soars above the ground, giving you a bird’s-eye view of the scenery below. Take your experience to the next level with EHANG’s VR Goggles.

Drones are cool, there’s no denying it. Now, with EHANG’s technology, they’re easy to control. Ghost Drone 2.0 will provide you with beautiful views and exciting entertainment. It’s the perfect toy for us grown up geeks.