A Full Overview of The New iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPad Pro Rumors

iPad Rumours

There are a lot of rumors about the upcoming iPad options for Apple. Here’s an overview of all the rumors involving the new iPad lines including Pro 2, iPad Mini 5 and the iPad Air 2.

General Spec Rumors for iPad Air

There have been multiple rumors that Apple is going to release a new iPad in 2017 with a screen at 10.5 inches. These rumors come from sources such as a supply chain from Taiwan that was tapped in the creation process. The idea is that the iPad that’s out now, which is 9.7 inches, is a bit too small for what people want to do, but the iPad Pro doesn’t fit the bill either. This is mostly because the 12.7-inch screen is deemed t cost too much money for consumers to purchase on the level that Apple wants.

The iPad Pro only accounted for under a third of what Apple made from tablets in the third quarter of 2013, so the company appears to bescaling down towards 10.5 inches from the Pro’s larger screen in order to get the costs down and hopefully appeal to more people. The specific device this could apply to would be potentially the iPad Air 23.

Edgeless Display for iPad Air

Another big rumor is that Apple will be putting out an edgeless display for tablets. The display will stretch all the way across the top of the device. This means, of course, that you may not have the Home button anymore. Instead, the Home button would likely be incorporated into the OS of the tablet. This would make sense, due to the fact that this appears to be a move Apple is making in other areas, including with the rumors of the new iPhone.

The iPad Pro 2 Rumors: 6 GB of RAM

Beyond the regular new iPad coming out, there are quite a few rumors circulating about the iPad Pro 2, including the fact that it may have as much as 6 GB of RAM. This would be a pretty big deal since there are plenty of desktop computers or full tower computers that don’t have this much RAM. This would make for a powerful device when it comes to actions such as gaming or streaming video.

You’d be able to play virtually any game that was ported over to be compatible with iPad. There are few games out these days that require more than 6 GB of RAM as a starting spec.

Ipad Pro 2: 256 GB of Storage

Again, this is a large amount of space for such a flat and light tablet. It’s not right at the upper limit of specs based on the medium like the 6GB would be, but it’s enough to have rumor mills say it would be the best device Apple has made to date in terms of initial specs. There’s also a rumor it would have the A10X Fusion Chipset which would only serve to facilitate a dominant speed and power in the device.

iPad Pro 2: Other Rumors

Other rumors include that there will be no bezels on the screen and that it will also have no home screen, just like other iPad devices rumored to come out. There would still be potentially bezels at the top so that you can use the FaceTime camera, however. The rumors for price include a lower end of about $600 for the model coming in at other 10 inches, and an upper range of nearly $800 if you want the large 12-inch screen.

General iPad Mini Rumors

The rumor is that the iPad Mini 5 will be coming out around March of 2017. Some say that it will undergo a change in name to the iPad Mini Pro. It’s been a while since the last iPad Mini, so rumors have really been swirling fiercely around a new version. The last one, the iPad Mini 4, was released in 2015, and there’s been no successor since then, so the idea is that a new one is due out since Apple hasn’t said anything about it since then.

Rumors are definitely swirling around the idea of making the new Mini something that would be highly useful in a wok environment. This means that people think it could have some seriously high specs such as the A10X processor even for the mini. A higher battery life than the last version is also expected. Some say that the iPad Mini line will be getting a 3D touch display as well since the phone line is getting this.

Flexible Display for the Mini

It’s also possible the new iPad Mini 5 could get a flexible display. This is one of the big rumors about it coming out. If it’s true, it would be possible to just fold up the mini and put it in a pocket when it’s not being used. This is fairly speculative, however, and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of direct evidence to support it.

The comparison that people who support this rumor use is to flip phones. The old style flip phones were called “clam shell” because you fold them up when they weren’t in use making them more portable. It’s unclear whether the Mini would fold down one particular fold line with the displays on either side of the fold almost like a portable console such as what the Nintendo Dual Screen, or whether the display would be much more flexible than that, bending this way and that however, a user desires.

Fast Charging

The hope is that both the iPad Mini 5 and the iPad Pro 2 will see a fast charging feature. The speculation is that the Mini, in particular, will use the Quick Charge feature from Qualcomm. The idea is that a smaller iPad device will all the help it can get if you’re constantly moving around with it. A fast little burst of energy from wherever you happen to be, such as at a friend’s house or the airport, could give a big return on power for a small amount of time.

Smart Connectors and Other Mini Rumors

Reports indicate that the iPad 5 Mini will use this popular feature from Apple which makes it so that users can connect accessories as needed. For example, they could connect a mouse or a keyboard to their Mini in order to more easily use the device this way.

Other rumors indicate the Mini could start with 32GB of memory and similar specs for speed and power. Release rumors are looking forward to Spring 2017 for the iPad Mini 5. Rumors about size indicate maybe 8 inches like the last iPad Mini 4. People are also saying that there may not be a headphone port on the Mini since Apple seems to be phasing this out. The opinions on this vary, but some say this would be a good thing since it might mean more battery power or an even slimmer profile that’s what the mini has already.

People are also hoping for Full Apple Pay functionality like what Apple Watch has. This would be more specifically useful on the iPad Mini 5 then it would be on larger tablets of course since they’d be hard to lug around everywhere. Other rumors talk about a microSD card slot for the Mini or the hope that it will get some serious waterproofing to at least be able to resist spills.