Exciting iPhone 8 Rumors: An Overview


The iPhone 8 is creating a lot of buzz online. It’s going to be the 10th-anniversary phone, after all, so the expectation is that there’s going to be something special. Here are some of the theories that are coming out as to what kind of features will be available in the device.

Curved OLED Display

One of the big rumors to come out recently is that the iPhone 8 will feature a curved display. The idea of making screens that are flexible to one degree or another has been with us in Science Fiction for some time now. This is now moving into reality as rumors are beginning to heavily favor the idea that the iPhone 8 will have a gently curving screen to make it easier to hold in the curve of your hand. In specific, the rumor is that it’ll be a curved OLED or AMOLED screen with a little bezel.

There’s definitely been some clashing on that point. Some say it will definitely be OLED because of an agreement between Apple and Sharp.The leak is that this display will be around 5.8 inches, going right along with the current trend of Phablets and long phone screens.

All Glass Body

Some rumors point to an iPhone 8 with a curved screen that pulls this off by being made entirely out of glass. That would certainly make for a seriously unique looking phone with a smooth handle, though there may be some worries about durability. The way Corning Gorilla glass is going these days, however, it’s likely that the phone would be more durable than you might think.

Other rumors about this include the possibility of an edge-to-edge display with not borders at all so you have no distractions on the front at all. This would make for some unique options in terms of viewing. It would be like holding pure video in your hand.  This would obviously also include the glass back with a curve, according to rumors. The screen would, of course, curve along with it.

A few of the rumors indicate that metal would still have to be incorporated into it somehow, probably for the frame inside, which would be largely unseen, hidden by all the glass.

Invisible Home Button and Other Rumors

Rumors coming out of recent patents Apple filed indicate that there might be a fingerprint scanner that’s completely transparent which will serve as a home button. It’s also rumored that the home button may disappear entirely in its physical form. Either way, it’s looking like that Touch ID sensor is going to figure prominently.

Connector Rumors

The rumor is that the so-called “Smart Connector” will also be on iPhone 8. This will allow you to potentially connect additional accessories such as wireless keyboards. This could include cameras, other sensory input devices, augmented reality devices, and any number of other potential options.

A11 Processor

This rumor simply follows the naming conventions of past processors the iPhone has used. The A11 would be the next in line. Exactly what kind of power it’s going to have is definitely unknown, but the hypothesis is that Apple will add considerably more RAM into the phone in general since iPhone has fallen behind in this metric recently.

Truly Wireless Charging

Another persistent rumor about the device is that it will have the ability to charge without a wire. In fact, the rumor is that the ability to charge the iPhone using a wire will actually be taken away completely. So, you might have to actually use the Qi standard for charging instead of the Lightning Cable. It may also be that you’ll just have the option of either, however. The interesting thing about certain rumors in this vein is that there may even be a wireless standard far beyond the few centimeters that most wireless chargers get for a range now.

The problem with wireless technology up to now is that it can only transverse a very small area in order to still charge the phone. This means that you have to basically just lay the phone on top of the charging pad anyway, since holding it a few centimeters away is actually harder, and not that much more useful anyway.

Rumors circulating around the new phone indicate that the charging could instead happen with a 15-foot range. This means that you could be just about on the other side of the room from your charger, and the iPhone would still charge. There’s no doubt that this would be a game-changer for phones if it’s actually the case.

If it’s true, the technology would come from a company called Energous, which has been working on just such a possibility for a while now. People could walk around with their phone in their pocket all day, and it would still charge as long as you were in range. Walking in and out of range all day could even be enough to keep the phone fully charged anyway, depending on the speed of the charge and the frequency with which you’re in range.

Popularized on the level of an iPhone, the tech could really take off, eventually making it so that charge stations appear in coffee shops and restaurants. The days of constantly having to keep your phone in a stationary location for long enough to fully charge it could be over.

If the rumors are true, of course.


One thing that could really make an i{hone look impressive is having a display crafted entirely of sapphires. This would be a step up from the Gorilla Glass in terms of durability and resisting scratches or being shattered. Apple is already using this type of glass with other devices, but the cost of using sapphires may prove too much. Only time will tell.

Iris Scanner

Ramping up from the current technology in many flagship phones, fingerprint scanners, is the next version of a biometric security system, namely the iris scanner. This tech is actually already available in at least one other phone, the Galaxy Note 7, but the rumor is that the iPhone 8 is going to end up with one. The idea is that your biometrics, or personal life identifiers, are something you have on you all the time, that are specific only to you, and are difficult to counterfeit.

All this means that they are often good for security. It could even potentially pick up the biometric data of any potential thief and send it automatically to the owner and to authorities. It’s hard to make off with someone else’s property when they have your fingerprints, a picture of your face, and your retinal pattern, after all.

When It Is Coming Out and Other Rumors

The rumors indicate that the phone will be out sometime in 2017, probably in the fall such as in September 2017 towards the beginning of the month. The rumors aren’t because of any leaks, but just because the new iPhone tends to always come out at the same time. The only this hasn’t happened in September was with the iPhone 5. So, chances are good it will be out right at the same time as always: September.

Other possibilities include an improved artificial intelligence to rival the Google Now option for Android or Cortana for Microsoft. People have also suggested the price could be pushing $800.