Don’t Disable My Memories: Smartphone Technology Rumor


One of the most recent smartphone technology rumors deals with the camera in your iPhone. Nobody (ok maybe a few) still carries a camera with them to capture their memories. Instead, we rely on the cameras in our iPhones to preserve those moments we want to remember. And, with the improvements that have been made to the cameras in iPhones over the years those pictures are of relatively high quality. The quality of the camera is even a differentiating factor between the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6s. But rumor has it that the camera (that you paid for) may (in the future) be disabled and special events without your consent.

Imagine this, you scored tickets to a concert and just as your favorite song is about to start, you hold up your phone to record the performance for your best friend, who also loves the song but couldn’t go to the concert, only to find that your camera has been disabled. What?!? You paid for the better camera for moments like this, that you can’t wait to capture. You paid for the phone service. You paid for the concert ticket. You did everything right, but all of a sudden the camera in your iPhone won’t work when you want it to the most. This could be a reality.

Rumor has it that Apple has new software that would allow venues to block iPhone users from taking pictures and videos through the use of infrared beams designed to disable the phone’s camera. Allegedly, if a venue paid for this disabling feature, iPhone users would get an alert when they tried to take a picture or recording that informs them that their camera has been disabled.

Let’s hope that this rumor doesn’t become reality. Or if it becomes reality that we at least get some advanced warning so we can go digging out our old cameras to capture our memories. If we are not certain we can use the camera on our iPhones when we want and where we want then Apple may find themselves losing customers.