Disney LOL: A Safe Social Media Smartphone App


Portrait of cute little boy playing on tablet computer at home

Social media apps take the top ranks in the Apple store with apps. Apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest have essentially become household names. However, the content of some of these popular apps have caused parents to make them off-limits for their children. Disney recently released a new app, Disney LOL, that mimics the popular features of other social media apps without allowing content that is too mature for their target audience of younger children.

Disney LOL is full of memes, jokes, videos, GIFs, games and trivia for its young audience to enjoy. And yes, you guessed it, all of the content is Disney related. Disney owns quite a few conglomerates including Pixar (which just released the highly anticipated and long-awaited Finding Dory), Marvel (yes Disney owns these superheros now), Lucasfilm (Starwars!!!), and of course Disney’s 2 television channels geared at kids the original Disney Channel and Disney XD. While Disney LOL is geared toward young smartphone users hungry for a social media platform, it also sounds ideal for the Disney lover of any age.

The all-Disney content is a change from other popular social media apps that focus more on user uploaded content and social happenings. However, the all-Disney content ensures parents that their children will not accidentally be exposed to mature subject matter that they may deem inappropriate. Disney LOL provides parents with a safe social media app for their children and provides its young users with a safe Disney-flavored taste of the highly sought after social media experience. It is a win-win-win for parents, children, and Disney.