Debut of DT301 and DT311 Tablets



Hipster businessman with tablet, waiting at the train station platform

DT Research develops and manufactures information appliances such as its comprehensive line of rugged tablets and digital signage solutions. DT Research offers products that are based on both robust and aggressive configurations. Their newest product offering is the 2-in-1 Ultra Rugged Tablets for the DT301 an DT 311 series. Both tablets were designed to endure extreme outdoor environments. The features of these tablets include:

  • A slim and lightweight design
  • Indoor/Outdoor versatility
  • Water-resistant detachable keyboards
  • Two screen size options

The primary goal for these tablets was to combine the rugged feature with portability. Advanced security features include Lock Down features to prevent malicious users, while offering a customized user experience at the same time. As for hardware security, there are options for camera privacy mode, instant blackout, and the ability to automatically disable WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities.

The combination of Windows 10 and Enterprise software security provides the option of media sanitization, which is supportive of the standards of the United States Air Force, Navy, and Army. These security measures also support the standards of the National Security Agency. The rugged capabilities in conjunction with the security measures has led to the U.S. Army Reserve expanding the use of theDT311 Tablet series in additional facilities. The tablets will be used during training missions and other logistics.

This is the second contract for DT Research with the U.S. Army Reserve. The new DT311 tablet will offer hot-swappable batteries which allows for continuous operation. Staff will have the ability to efficiently work in both the field and the office at a wide range of temperatures. In addition to the U.S. Army Reserve, DT Research systems had provided solutions to hundreds of organizations within the healthcare, hospitality, and retail fields.