Children’s Tablet Apps that Encourage a Love of Learning

Siblings play games on a digital tablet

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the topic of “screen time” for children. Should children be allowed tablet time? How old should they be, and how much time is healthy for a young person to spend staring at a screen?

Here at Custom Logo Cases, we believe that a limited amount of tablet time is not only acceptable for young children, but can actually be beneficial. That is, screen time can be incredibly educational if the child is given the proper tools to make it so.

We all know that kids love to play. We also know that children play to learn. Therefore, it only stands to reason that a children’s tablet could be used as both a plaything and a powerful learning tool.

The trick to ensuring your little ones spend their tablet time growing their brains instead of mindlessly staring is actually quite simple. It begins with downloading the right kinds of content, and ends with a well-rounded child who is eager to soak up knowledge on a day-to-day basis.

What is this magical content? Well, it is actually easily available to anyone and everyone who wishes to find it. Unfortunately, finding the quality content in the sea of less-than-stellar options can be time-consuming and frustrating. Therefore, we have taken it upon ourselves to compile a list of the most engaging and educational children’s apps on the market.

These programs are all tried-and-true ways to introduce and reinforce concepts in a way that is nothing but fun for the student. That fact alone makes these apps worth their weight in gold, and the perfect addition to absolutely any children’s tablet or elementary school student’s electronic device.

— Reading —

Reading is arguably the most important step a person can take into the wide world of learning. Unfortunately, many children find learning to read difficult and frustrating.

Because we all want our children to love reading, it may feel counterintuitive to force the task on the young people in our lives. Luckily, there are some incredible reading apps available that make learning to read a simple and understandable game.

Teach Your Monster to Read —

Many parents claim that this game is an absolute miracle worker. By breaking the steps of reading down into manageable chunks and making learning those chunks a game, Teach Your Monster to Read makes reading fun. Whether you have a reluctant reader or a preschooler yearning to decode the letters and words around them, this is the app for you.

Reading Eggs —

Another wonderful reading app, Reading Eggs has also been declared a miracle worker. This app also uses gamification to make learning to read fun and in doing so, encourages children to play until they have mastered a particular skill.

— Mathematics —

A struggle for a great many young students, math often gets a pretty bad rap. Instead of making your child sit for hours on end memorizing multiplication facts, why not try a more fun method?

There are a number of amazing math apps out there. By using an app of the proper level, your child can take steps towards becoming a math whiz without any struggle at all. In fact, after downloading one or two of these games, you may even find your child asking to do math.

Prodigy —

This is an exciting way to help kids understand the things they are learning in math class. The teacher dashboard is also incredibly helpful for parents who want to keep up with what their student is learning. If your child enjoys the free parts of this app, you may want to seriously consider purchasing a membership. It will be money well spent.

Dragonbox —

The Dragonbox series of apps are truly incredible. They cover material in-depth, meaning they can almost stand on their own rather than working as supplements. The Dragonbox Numbers app is perfect for younger kids, and the algebra version is fantastic for helping older kids understand difficult concepts. While these apps are a bit more expensive than one might expect, they are worth every penny.

Motion Math —

The Motion Math games are the perfect supplemental math tool. There are a variety of apps in this series, and each one focuses on a different set of skills. Our favorite however is Motion Math:Pizza! which focuses on money management and business strategy.

— Foreign Language —

We have heard time and time again how beneficial it is to introduce children to a foreign language at an early age. The apps below are perfect for ensuring your little ones are exposed to a second language. Not only will your child be broadening their language horizons, they will be having fun while doing it.

Duolingo —

This is an incredibly well-reviewed language learning program, and for good reason. The Duolingo app uses immersion, repetition, and a fun game-like structure to make learning a second language easy and fun. While this app is best for slightly older kids and adults, we simply couldn’t leave it off our list, considering just how amazing it is.

Stories by Gus on the Go —

If you have a younger language learner, you might try starting with the Stories by Gus apps. These apps are available in Spanish, French, and Greek, and are a perfect way to immerse a young child in a foreign language while still keeping them entertained.

The app works by telling an animated story in the language of your choice. The animations help the child understand what is going on, eventually leading to a connection between the animation and the words being said.

— Science —

Exploring the world and experimenting with everyday things are two skills most kids pick up at an early age. However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with encouraging these things even further through tablet play, which is why we love the kid-friendly science apps below. Each app offers interesting information in an engaging format that’s sure to leave young students begging for more on their children’s tablet.

My Incredible Body —

A gorgeous app with tons of fantastic information about the inner workings of our bodies, My Incredible Body is an amazing find. It includes plenty of information to entertain and educate for hours on end. Despite its rather hefty price tag, we 100% recommend this app.

Grandpa in Space

Grandpa in Space allows children to explore the universe through a series of minigames and videos. The animations make the game engaging, and the astounding facts are great fun to learn.

Monster Physics —

This app allows kids to experiment with physics and mechanics by giving them the opportunity to invent their own vehicles and other contraptions. It’s perfect for showing young students how the laws of physics work in a realistic and hands-on way.

— History and Geography —

Remember that boring high school history class you took? What about that geography class with the droning teacher who showed absolutely no sign of enthusiasm about anything? Chances are, those classes didn’t boost your appreciation of the subject matter.

That said, history and geography don’t have to be dull subjects. In fact, with the right tools, these can be some of the most interesting and fun things to learn about. The apps below are the perfect example of a way to make these subjects exciting for kids.

Oregon Trail —

Remember that silly game you played as a kid? You know, the one every school in America had several copies of? Well now your young student can play the same game on his or her tablet. Oregon Trail is a fun—and sometimes silly—way to learn about life as a pioneer.

Stack the States —

Learning all the states and where they are on a map can be a challenge. That said, the Stack the States app can be a tremendous help. This game requires the player to place the states in the correct order on the screen, ultimately leading to the player learning the locations of the states without doing a minute of homework. This is something your elementary school kid will really appreciate.

Earth 3D: Amazing Atlas —

A visually stunning app, Earth 3D: Amazing Atlas is the ideal way to introduce your little one to the world around them. The app includes imagery of many important places in the world, as well as a plethora of information on every country.

By giving your children access to these apps, as well as the many other high-quality learning apps out there, you’ll be handing them some fantastic educational opportunities. So what are you waiting for? Grab your children’s tablet and start downloading a whole new world of knowledge for your young students to dive into. They will thank you for it, and you’ll be glad you did.