Childhood Nostalgia For a Better You: 3 Ways Pokemon Go is Benefiting Society



California, United States - July 23, 2016: Image of people playing Pokemon go game on an unbranded smartphone device. Pokemon Go is a popular virtual reality game for mobile devices.

With all the hype about this highly anticipated app that has swept the nation overnight, it’s impossible to have not heard about Pokémon Go. Not only are the neighborhood kids quick to run out their doors to venture the block for a Weedle or Zubat, but generations who grew up with watching the original series have embraced their inner Ash Ketchum and the determination to catch ’em all. But there is more to this trending smart phone app than merely just throwing poke balls at any Pokémon that crosses your path. Here are four ways this game is stepping out of the norm and benefiting society.

1.) Keeping gamers active.

Let’s face it, gamer’s get a bad rep for being couch potatoes because majority of systems and game applications require you to stay in one spot. With the release of Pokémon Go, they have a more active way of gaming as the app requires you to walk to find Pokémon, gyms, shops, and even to hatch Pokémon eggs. Therefore, players are getting more exercise and staying fit.

2.) Increasing the want to travel.

Traveling has always been the number one way to create new life experiences. Unfortunately, adulthood has made our lives pretty hectic and it’s all too common to put off our traveling goals due to our busy lifestyles. Even gamers come home from a long day of work and just want to chill with some food and the new release they just picked up. But avid Pokémon Go players become encouraged more than ever to “travel across the land, searching far and wide,” because new territory means new Pokémon.

3.) Creating a more social environment.

With technology ruling the way we live today, it’s all to often we see people too busy scrolling through their phones or shutting themselves in their rooms, ultimately encouraging being antisocial. But with Pokémon Go, it’s never been easier to meet, talk to, and even team up with other players, giving you a reason to stay in touch with friends and create new ones.

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