The Best Tablets For Kids

Two adorable little sisters playing with a digital tablet at home

With the holiday season approaching, you may be considering what to buy your kids. Many parents are turning to technology as they try to find that ideal gift, and tablets are going to be making their way under many Christmas trees this year.

If you are considering purchasing a tablet for your little guy or gal, now is the time to begin your research, so why not begin here? There are many great tablets out there that are made just for little hands, and we have taken the time to test a variety of tablets and introduce you to our three favorites. So whether you are shopping for gifts for Hanukkah, Christmas, or another wonderful winter holiday, we hope this article will help you make an informed decision so you can purchase a your child’s holiday gift with confidence.

Fisher Price Learning Tablet

This tablet was recently put out by Fisher Price and Nabi. It combines incredible Fisher Price learning games and books with the power of Android to provide kids with a versatile learning tool they are sure to love. The tablet offers an easy-to-navigate interface where kids can choose which activities they would like to do, as well as a fully functional “parent” setting, plus access to the vast Google Play store.

This 7-inch tablet offers 16 GB of storage and sells for around $99 on Amazon, making it a wonderful value for parents of younger kids.

LeapFrog Epic 7″ Tablet

The Leapfrog Epic 7″ is an innovative tablet that puts creativity right onto the home screen, which your child can customize and interact with. It comes equipped with a number of LeapFrog apps, and offers an Android-powered app store with a variety of kid-friendly games and books available for download. The kid-friendly web browser is a neat feature and allows kids to search the web for things they are interested in without the risk of coming across inappropriate material.

Another 7-inch tablet, the Leapfrog Epic provides users with six hours of battery life and 16 GB of storage. It sells for around $99, and considering it is good for kids ages 3–9, it’s a pretty great value in our opinion.

Amazon Kindle Fire Kids Edition

The Kindle Fire Kids Edition is an incredible children’s tablet, and easily the best one we tested. The children’s display is easy to navigate and includes access to Amazon FreeTime, a service that provides kids with an enormous library of games and books to choose from and no prohibitive price tags. The parent side of things functions just like a regular Kindle Fire, making it a fully functioning tablet that can beused for years to come and could even potentially be shared amongst family members of all ages.

This tablet boasts a 7-inch screen, seven hours of battery life, and 16 GB of storage. It sells for around $79.99, making it the cheapest tablet on our list and the best value by far. The tablet even includes a free year of Amazon FreeTime, which is the icing on top.


Of course, these are just our opinions. If you are considering purchasing a tablet for your little one, you will probably want to hit the stores and test out a few for yourself. Some stores that offer demo models include Target, Best Buy, and Toys”R”Us, so finding some tablets to tryshouldn’t be a problem at all.

No matter which awesome kid-friendly tablet you pick, your kids are sure to be absolutely thrilled to find an amazing piece of technology just waiting for them when the holiday season rolls around and the time comes to give and receive gifts. The best part of all? A tablet is one gift that will keep on giving long after the winter holiday season has ended.