Back-to-School Tech: Apps That Will Help Students Travel Light


Knapsack-clad, college students sprinting across meticulously landscaped campuses on their way to class is an iconic scene. However, thanks to modern tech, it may soon be a thing of the past. Oh, there will still be students and campuses, that’s for sure. It’s what’s in the knapsack that’s likely to change. Why? An increasing number of college students are tossing the paperbacks and hardcovers in lieu of textbook apps.

When compared to the bulky textbooks of yore, the apps are infinitesimally cheaper and lighter to handle. Plus, they’re often interactive and come with handy study aids too. With that switch in mind, we’ve come up with a short list of tech driven textbook resources college students would be crazy to do without. Let’s start with Bookshelf GPS:

Bookshelf GPS

Bookshelf GPS has many similarities to other textbook apps. For instance, it provides users with immediate, easy access to an entire semester’s worth of textbooks at one time. In addition, it facilitates the sharing of resources among students themselves. So, it’s perfect for students who learn best with the aid of study buddies.

Intel® Education Study

We also like Intel® Education Study because it has all of the textbook app basics as well as cloud syncing and the ability to edit the course material in real-time. Thus, it is ideal for those studying journalism, international business, finance, politics and other subjects heavily dependent on understanding current events.


Finally, we can’t help but mention Yuzi™. It essentially has the same capabilities of the other textbook apps we’ve mentioned but with a special edge. It takes into account the needs of students whose vision or hearing may not be up to par. How so? Basically, it is compatible with a large number of assistive devices commonly available through durable, medical equipment supplies (e.g. large print and audio books).

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