9 Incredible Smartphone Hacks to Make Your Life Easier


Owning a smartphone is basically a way of life now. It is rare to meet someone who doesn’t have one. However, what is less common, is a smartphone owner who is fully aware of all the amazing benefits their smartphone has to offer and all of the incredible ways they can use their smartphone for both everyday tasks and more unconventional purposes. So just what are those many benefits anyway? In this post, we will uncover nine very handy smartphone hacks and tips and tricks that will make your life easier.

  1. Use The “Secret Compartment” Between Your Smartphone And Phone Case: Going to a crowded concert, festival, or street fair? Or perhaps you are going to do some traveling in a foreign country and want to keep your important documents extra safe. If you want to keep your cash and I.D. stowed away securely, tuck those things in the space between your smartphone and your phone case.
  2. Get Where You Need to go With Less Data: Maybe you are traveling through a foreign country and don’t want to pay those ludicrously expensive data charges or you don’t have any data at all. Either way, you don’t need data or Wi-Fi to use Google Maps and get everywhere you need to go with clear directions. Simply plug the coordinates into Google Maps, start your navigation, and begin traveling (it will work whether you are going by foot or by car). Google Maps will still run on your smartphone without needing any data or Wi-Fi. The key is just remembering to start the Google Maps navigation in the area where you have internet access before going anywhere else.
  3. Don’t Throw That Cassette Box Out Just Yet: As we are now living in the year 2017, there is a very good chance that you don’t have any cassette boxes laying around anymore. There is also a very good possibility that, if you are of the younger generation, you don’t even know what a cassette box is. However, if you do have access to a cassette box, it could very well be the answer to your present day technology problems. Now more than ever, people use their smartphones to watch video content rather than their TV or even their laptop. But many people are familiar with how annoying it can be to hold that smartphone while they are watching something, particularly lengthier videos. So what’s the solution? The cassette box. Just slip your phone into the cassette box and watch videos for hours on end. By propping up the cassette box and securing your smartphone in it, your device will sit in place without you having to hold it. If you don’t have an cassette boxes that you can find, a hair clip will also hold a phone in place.
  4. Listen to Music From Your Smartphone Without Loud Speakers: No loud speakers on hand to hook up to your smartphone? No problem. Just grab a heavy glass cup. The music will resonate throughout the entire room when your smartphone is sitting in the glass that is amplifying the sound. Placing your smartphone in a sturdy glass cup is also a great way to help you wake up in the morning if you are prone to sleeping through your alarm. Set an alarm on your phone that uses both sound and vibration. This way, when it goes off in the morning (in your glass cup), it will be substantially louder, thus helping you wake up on time.
  5. Use Your Smartphone Pen Without Having Your Smartphone Pen: Not all, but some people like their handy dandy smartphonepen to scroll through Google for research purposes, tap on apps, and conduct other smartphone tasks. But keeping track of your smartphone pen isn’t always easy and if you are like other people, you have probably misplaced it from time to time. So what are you supposed to when you don’t have your pen on hand? Improvise. One way to create a DIY smartphone pen is by wrapping a pencil in aluminum foil. And that’s it. That’s all that needs to be done. Or, you can take a small battery and use that as your temporary smartphone pen until you can find your original one.
  6. Lose Your Phone Case? Don’t Blow it Out of Proportion: Say you lose or break your smartphone case in a location where you don’t have easy access to a store where you can swiftly purchase a new phone case. This can be especially panic-inducing for anyone who owns a smartphone that cost them several hundred dollars. No need to blow it out of proportion when you can blow up a balloon. The key to this smartphone hack is actually having a balloon with you (so, as strange as it may seem, get in the habit of carrying a balloon with you in your purse or wallet). If and when you don’t have your original phone case anymore, simply blow up your balloon. Do not tie it up. Hold onto the mouthpiece and place your smartphone on top of the center part of the balloon. Slowly release air out of the balloon. As you release the air, the balloon will tightly envelope itself around your smartphone and there you have your impromptu phone case.
  7. Charge Your Phone Faster With These Tips: One of the quickest ways to charge your phone is by turning it on airplane mode when charging. Another easy way to charge your phone faster than normal is by not using your smartphone while it’s charging. Understandably, this is a bit harder to do for most people, but it’s worth the effort if you can withstand some extra time without your phone.
  8. The Many Benefits of The Plastic Bag: There a few creative ways to use a small, plastic zip lock bag to your benefit. If you have small children who you want to keep entertained on a long road trip, zip the smartphone into a plastic bag and pin the bag onto the back of the seat in front of them. This will allow your young child to watch videos without holding the phone which they could very well end up dropping or throwing. Also, if you plan on going to the beach or on a camping trip where you’ll be surrounded by dirt, mud, grass, and other elements, protect your phone by placing it in a plastic bag. The last thing you want to deal with is getting dirt logged into your keyboard or the space between your smartphone and your phone case.
  9. Let There be Light: If you own a smartphone, you probably already know that you can download a flashlight app to help you see in the dark. However, that flashlight app can also be turned into a lamp. If the power has gone out in your home or you just need some extra light, turn on your flashlight app and place an empty plastic water bottle over the phone. You’ll have all the light you need to find something you misplaced or read the text on a book you are studying.

Are you curious about the many other tips and tricks you can implement as a smartphone owner? Don’t hesitate to get a hold of our team today or keep reading our other interesting blog posts.