6 LinkedIn Business Marketing (B2B) Strategies

Simferopol, Russia - July 9, 2014: LinkedIn is a social network for search and establishment of business contacts. It is founded in 2002.

If you market your products or services to businesses (B2B), LinkedIn is a powerful way to generate leads and position your company as an industry leader. Here are six strategies you can use to improve your company’s success rate on LinkedIn.

#1: Study How Your Target Customers Use LinkedIn

Who are your target customers? And more importantly, how do they use LinkedIn? Do they prefer to share content on their feed and then quickly log off? Are they active in certain groups or forums? Or do they use LinkedIn mostly to find potential job candidates? The more you understand how your target customers use LinkedIn, the easier it will be to discover ways you can reach them. Look for ways to connect with the influential people and decision makers.

#2: Join A LinkedIn Community or Build One Of Your Own

Another way to boost your LinkedIn marketing efforts is to join different groups that would appeal to your customers. For example, if you want to reach the Chief Marketing Officers at large Fortune 1000 companies, you can join a group with a large following of CMOs. Or you could easily join one that focused on innovation if you wanted to reach business owners. Just remember to contribute relevant information and not spam the group with promotional material.

If you don’t see a group or community that you believe would appeal to your target market you can start one. Encourage members to post different topics and engage with each other. Since many people on LinkedIn are looking for ways to share their insight about different industry news and events, this shouldn’t be too hard. The group can also be a safe place for members to network and make connections.

#3: Create Content Specifically For Your Key Demographic

Next, develop content that speaks directly to your key demographic. Although it is easy to make content that appeals to many people, it is better to develop content with topics that are only relevant to your customer’s industry or niche. Add different incentives for them to view your content, like a free white paper or report. This can allow you to gather more leads and increase your sales conversion rate if they give you their email or contact information in exchange for your information. It will be easier to get your prospect’s attention if your content positions your company as a thought leader on LinkedIn.

#4: Publish Content From Other Social Media Platforms On LinkedIn

Do you have an old blog post that could be recycled on LinkedIn? Or a Facebook post that would be appropriate for the professional website’s audience? Try to find ways to recycle or reuse content you have already published on different platforms. When you add LinkedIn to your company’s overall marketing and social media strategy, it can increase your chances that you will reach your target customer.

#5: Find Out How You Can Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

Many business profiles on LinkedIn are generic and give vague descriptions of what the company does or a long list of accomplishments. One way you can improve your success on LinkedIn is to demonstrate how your company provides value to customers. The more clearly you can show your key demographics how much you can help their business, the better. Discuss how your products or services have solved problems for previous clients in your profile.

#6: Optimize Your Sales Funnel

Lastly, make sure you have a clear plan for how you want potential prospects from LinkedIn to move through your sales funnel. Double-check to make sure that your sales funnel operates properly. A broken link or unclear follow-up email can really harm your business and make prospects go to a competitor. Double or triple check every piece of content and link you post on LinkedIn.